MultiChoice DStv announced a range of exciting offerings for viewers.

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    “Exciting developments are on the horizon for streaming enthusiasts as MultiChoice prepares to launch a series of innovative streaming products this year, all focused on enhancing the customer experience. The company is delighted by the positive feedback from customers who have expressed a desire for more flexibility in enjoying their favorite content.

    In response to this feedback, MultiChoice has introduced a second mobile streaming option, offering customers increased access and convenience. But the company isn’t stopping there; it is eagerly anticipating the launch of additional thrilling innovations throughout the year, all aimed at enriching the streaming experience for its customers.”

    One notable addition to MultiChoice’s offerings is the Extra Mobile Stream subscriptions for DStv, introduced in August 2023. This feature allows two people to simultaneously stream on one account, specifically through the DStv Stream app on mobile devices. Each DStv account holder has the option to add one Extra Stream, easily managed through the self-service platform on DStv’s website or by reaching out to DStv via its call center, social media channels, or service center.

    To enhance user satisfaction, DStv has raised the maximum number of devices allowed on an account from four to 10. This move follows DStv’s strategic response to combat password sharing, which prompted the company to limit concurrent streaming in February 2022, restricting it to one device at a time.

    While this decision initially faced some backlash from customers threatening to boycott the broadcaster, then-MultiChoice South Africa CEO Nyiko Shiburi assured that the company’s efforts to curb password sharing on its DStv streaming platform have been a significant success. He emphasized that customers sharing passwords with friends and family ultimately diminishes the revenue that companies like MultiChoice receive.

    Despite the evolving subscriber landscape, MultiChoice remains committed to refining its offerings and ensuring a robust and sustainable streaming ecosystem for its users. The company’s dedication to enhancing the streaming experience reflects its understanding of customer needs and its proactive approach to addressing industry challenges.


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