Threads App by Instagram Hits Over 100 Million Users Within Four Days

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    Instagram’s text-centric application, Threads, has achieved a remarkable milestone by amassing over 100 million sign-ups merely four days after its launch, demonstrating an extraordinary rate of adoption.

    The surge in user engagement began from the outset, with the app recording two million sign-ups within just two hours, escalating to five million in four hours, and astonishingly reaching 10 million users in seven hours.

    By the following morning, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that over 30 million individuals had registered to explore the functionalities of this new app.

    Comparatively, Threads’ rapid user growth has eclipsed that of other significant tech launches, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which took 40 days to hit 10 million daily users and less than two months to reach 100 million monthly users.

    Achieving the 100 million monthly active user mark within its first month, Threads now faces the challenge of retaining this burgeoning user base.

    Despite the high initial interest in Meta’s latest text-based social network, it currently lacks several key features. Notably, the app does not support ActivityPub, the protocol essential for decentralized social networking, which prevents it from integrating with the Fediverse.

    Meta has acknowledged these shortcomings and is reportedly working towards incorporating these features. However, the app still does not offer direct messaging, post search capabilities, hashtags, or a “Following” feed in its current iteration. Moreover, due to Instagram’s policies, nudity is prohibited on Threads, contrasting with other platforms like Bluesky, which adopts a more lenient approach to content.

    Even with these initial limitations, the rapid accrual of 100 million users is a significant achievement for Threads. This success indicates the app’s substantial impact and potential longevity in the competitive landscape of social media platforms.


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