Steps On How to Block My Stolen or Lost MTN Sim Card

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    If your MTN SIM card has been stolen or lost, it’s important to take immediate action to protect your account and prevent unauthorized usage. Here are the steps you can follow to block your stolen or lost MTN SIM card:

    Steps on How to Block an MTN Sim Card Online/from Another Phone

    1. Call MTN Customer Care: Contact MTN customer care as soon as possible. You can dial 300 from another MTN line or +2348031000180 from any other network. Inform them that your SIM card has been stolen or lost and request them to block the SIM card immediately.
    2. Provide Necessary Information: During your call to customer care, be prepared to provide any information they may ask for to verify your identity and ownership of the SIM card. This may include your full name, date of birth, address, and other account-related details.
    3. Verify Identity: MTN may ask you security questions or request documents to verify your identity and ownership of the SIM card. Cooperate with them and provide the necessary information promptly.
    4. Receive Confirmation: After verifying your identity and confirming that the SIM card has been blocked, MTN will provide you with a confirmation of the block. Keep this confirmation safe for your records.
    5. Visit an MTN Service Center: If possible, visit an MTN service centre with valid identification (such as a government-issued ID) to report the loss or theft of your SIM card in person. This can help expedite the process and provide additional security measures.
    6. Replace SIM Card: If you wish to continue using MTN services, you will need to get a replacement SIM card. You can do this at an MTN service centre by providing your identification and any required fees for the replacement SIM card.

    By following these steps, you can block your stolen or lost MTN SIM card and take necessary measures to protect your account and personal information.


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