Seven Apps That Deserve a Place on Your Mobile Phone

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    How much time can you spend away from your phone? An hour? A day? Perhaps a month? The reality is, it feels almost impossible to spend even a moment without our smartphones. They have become integral to our daily lives, to the point where managing our day-to-day tasks without them seems unimaginable.

    Yet, there are moments when our smartphones seem inadequate. We might notice they’re missing certain features – features that could significantly improve their functionality. As a result, the search for a better replacement begins.

    But what if I tell you there are thousands of apps that can compensate for missing features? Yes, there are numerous applications to increase your phone’s productivity. This article is all about applications that make sense. So, are you ready to increase your phone’s yield? Let’s get started:

    1. Files Go (File Manager):
    Technically, all our files are managed by the file manager. This app records all our previous and recent downloads. However, most of us rarely use this app. Simply because we don’t understand its usage or find it boring.

    But this app can be made more interesting with Google’s Files Go. Often, some documents, images, or videos are saved as duplicates, or we end up installing apps of no use and forget about them.

    Files Go can detect duplicate files and can delete them for you. Moreover, it identifies redundant apps that you haven’t used in a while. It makes our work easy in a sense. We can delete such files and apps with a single tap with Files Go.

    In addition, we can also share large chunks of files in seconds. However, establishing a local network is a requirement for this.

    2. Picai (Camera):
    Want to make your pictures more appealing? Then, look no further than Picai. This app is a perfect fit for low-quality camera phones. Such cell phones can’t detect the scenery that you try to capture. But Picai’s algorithm is intelligent enough to detect the scenery and adjust accordingly.

    Moreover, it comes with live filters. Depending upon the location or lighting, it gives exciting filters. Most camera apps only allow such a feature for the back camera; however, Picai allows it for the front camera too.

    However, to use live filters, you’ll need a high-quality internet. Because live filters are dependent on the scenery or location, a top-notch connection is required. Otherwise, you may not be able to take full advantage of this exceptional app.

    So, we recommend a connection like Xfinity. A connection that won’t disconnect when you need it. To get such a seamless connection, visit Xfinity’s website today. Catering Spanish customers in their mother tongue, they can connect to telefono de Xfinity for Spanish customer services.

    3. Truecaller (SMS):

    Ever been bothered by a wrong number or frustrated by spam messages? If yes, then Truecaller should be your go-to application. Some phones have built-in spam blockers; however, they’re not very efficient. You may receive some spam messages. But Truecaller doesn’t let pass anything.

    In addition, it also blocks incoming spam calls. Plus, Truecaller comes with handy features such as copying OTPs. Hence, Truecaller is a complete package for anyone.

    4. Musixmatch (Music Player):

    Does your music player show lyrics or have you heard about any app that displays lyrics? No? Then switch to Musixmatch today. Musixmatch is a music player that displays lyrics along with the songs.

    A special feature of this app is that it can be integrated with online music apps such as Apple Music and Spotify. This application can be a great addition to your phone. Moreover, you don’t have to YouTube any song to get hold of its lyrics.

    5. Drupe (Phone and Contacts):
    Often, we don’t think much about contacts. Most times, we only open contacts to call anyone. However, we must switch to WhatsApp or SMS to text them. But Drupe is a better alternative for contacts.

    It’s a free app that puts everything under your fingertips. Drupe offers a swipe-based UI that has everything. From finding contacts to texting them, its functions are limitless. Moreover, you can block spam calls with Drupe as well.

    6. Curator (Gallery):
    Some phones segregate pictures. Even fewer cell phones put a tag on folders accordingly.  However, the curator separates and tags pictures in a folder without an internet connection.

    Curator is a photo management application that lets you differentiate among pictures.

    For example, it will segregate scenic pictures in a separate folder. In addition, tagging the folders makes it easy to find the pictures.

    7. AMDroid (Clock):
    Most of us find alarms useless. They only break our periods of sleep until we snooze them and sleep again. So technically, there’s no use of such alarms. However, AMDroid deals with the problem of snoozing.

    AMDroid comes with several features. Firstly, you can set different profiles for days. This way, you don’t have to set an alarm for each day separately. Secondly, you can’t snooze an alarm with a single press. It displays complex math problems which you have to solve first. Consequently, you’re wide awake till you solve the problem.

    Lastly, it informs you about the weather and other essential information about your day. So, this app is a complete package for anyone who wants to be on time every time.

    Closing Up:

    Cell phones have become smart. But these apps make them smarter than the rest. We don’t need to waste our cell’s memory on useless apps. Installing such apps comes with great benefits as they can effectively increase our phone productivity.


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