Why He Suddenly Went Quiet

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Have you found yourself in recent times obsessing over why he suddenly went quiet on you?

One moment, he is excited to hear from you and wants to be with you, and the next, he would rather be by himself, leaving you in panic mode. Depending on the level of trust you have for your partner, it is easy to think that he might be Cheat!ng on you or is not interested in you anymore.

How about if we told you that the way a man thinks is quite different from a woman’s psychology? In this article, we would borrow a part of the title of Steve Harvey’s book and say, Let’s think like a man, shall we?

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The Silent Treatment

The silent treatment can be triggering, especially for people who are have lived experiences of this treatment. If we confess, it is one of the worst ways to treat a partner. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of people who think of this as the best way to punish their partner, leaving a sour taste in the relationship.

Now, you might be perplexed that your loving and compassionate man suddenly went quiet and it is because he is angry or is playing mind games. Well, if you ask a man why he did this, he would more often than not, explain why.

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The simple reason is he is very likely thinking about the future. It is a time of reflection for him and that means commitment, finances and compatibility. You might say you’ve thought about that a long time, but the truth is, it came onto him like a colossal wind. So to keep the thoughts from overwhelming him, he suddenly goes quiet.

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What do you do when this happens? One thing you shouldn’t do is to first have negative thoughts. It is a quick way to dispel him. Don’t let it bother you so much that you are filled with negative thoughts. Instead, find out what the cause of his silence is. Reach out to him to know if you can help. The only way to find out the answer after all is if he says it, not your assumptions.


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