Jack Wilshere reveals why no club wants to sign him

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Jack Wilshere, Former Arsenal midfielder, has lamented that no club wants to sign him due to his persistent injuries worries.

The England star admitted training alone, with no certainty for his future, ‘sort of breaks your spirit’.

Wilshere, 29, left Bournemouth at the end of last season and is yet to find new suitors in the Premier League or beyond.

He has trained with Serie B side Como and has been in conversation with Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta who has offered to help him get his career back on track.

“I think there’s a perception and I’ve had this opinion from a few clubs: ‘Great player but an injury waiting to happen,’ Wilshere told the Under The Surface podcast.

“I haven’t been injured since before lockdown and it was not a serious injury. I’ve trained every day.

“When I was at Bournemouth I was available for every single game, so I feel like it’s a lazy answer because I can [play].

“Give me a chance, let me prove myself to you then, show you that I’m fit.

“It’s frustrating and it sort of breaks your spirit as well because you know, especially when you’re training on your own and every day there’s not much you can do on your own,’ he said.

“You have to run and it’s hard and it’s boring and then to get that answer, it’s like ‘well why am I doing this? Why am I breaking myself every day?’

“I’m waiting for that opportunity to come and I’m just getting answers like that.”

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