“I have a cordial relationship with Mark Angel comedy” – says Uzzyeffizzy

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Comedian Nkemjika Uzoma Temple popularly known as Uzzyefizzy has addressed the rumour of him leaving the  popular comedy group of Mark Angel Comedy.

Uzzyeffizy, who plays Baba Success in the comic skits, said he submitted his resignation letter to Mark Angel but it was rejected.

He also revealed his relationship with Mark Angel Comedy is still very much intact, describing it as “cordial”.

“A lot of people have been asking why they’ve not been seeing me on Mark Angel comedy and they think I left the outfit but the thing is, immediately I left the screen of Mark Angel comedy I started making more money behind the scenes. I started working more on the technical part of Mark Angel comedy.

“I don’t have any issues with Mark Angel Comedy. I didn’t steal anything from them I just had to go behind the scene. I and Mark are still cordial friends but I needed to try other things for myself,” he clarified.

Uzzy further said he had to deep his toes in new waters by relocating to Lagos.

“So I came down to Lagos and due to change of location I could not actually shoot and then I joined and started managing Xploit Comedy. It has been like for me all through. I remember when I tendered my resignation letter to Mark Angel Comedy but they rejected it, they said the brand ‘ Baba Sucess’ cannot be thrown away but things are still going on smooth with us and I think with time I might still come back to screen on Mark Angel Comedy,” he further explained.

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