Andrea Ekeng Inyang, warns fellow men of the repercussions of accepting wedding funds from their wives’ sugar daddies

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Andrea Ekeng Inyang, who is the special assistant to Cross River Governor on Strategic Communication, has cautioned young men on the consequences that befall their marriage when they begin to  accept funds from their wives supposed sugar daddies.

Inyang took to his social media to reveal that men who accept money from their wives sugar daddies just to have a lavish wedding should tread carefully. He said that in most cases, after the marriage, the man becomes intolerant of his wife’s constant excesses especially when it has to do with other men.

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In his words;

“Some of our young men must be careful of the decisions they take to avoid future repercussions.”

Just to show off as one who did wedding in a grand style, you accept your wife’s sugar daddy to fund the occasion.

Yet you can’t tolerate the incessant and resounding giggles from unwanted callers and her sudden unexplainable absence.

You are lost in thoughts, your head wan scatter with thoughts. You can’t sleep. That’s how young people develop hbp, slump and die prematurely. May God save you.


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