Nigerians have called on the Government to see to the cases of Banditry, Kidnapping, and Terrorism

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The recent cases of abduction and insurgency in many states, including Lagos, Kaduna, Imo, Nassarawa, and others, have been heartbreaking for Nigerians and has called for serious unrest for citizens of the country.

In the last few months, secondary schools in Zamfara and Kankara were raided and students kidnapped, to name a few. Imo State has been under attack by gunmen for at least a week now. There’s the case of herdsmen and south-south residents attacking each other. It’s one crisis after another.

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On Monday, a series of attacks were reported in the Lagos State University and Iyana Iba areas of the state, sparking panic and alarm and causing people to avoid those areas. Greenfield University in Kaduna was also attacked at the same time, with at least two students reportedly killed.

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The list could go on, but terrorism and kidnappings are not the only constants of recent years. The Nigerian government’s deafening silence and lack of response to these life-threatening incidents have become concerning.

All efforts to reach the government by the youths, the most recent and most resonant being the #EndSARS protests, have proven ineffective. The youths are reaching a state of constant panic and unrest as almost all the time, the victims are either secondary school or university students and young citizens, the supposed leaders of tomorrow.

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Nigerians have taken to social media to voice their concerns, urging authorities to act.




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