Story: My Iron woman – S01 E13

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The lady keeps on touching Jamal, He was sitting on the chair while she puts a leg on his laps, Jamal was trying to push her, suddenly she kissed Jamal which lasted for five seconds, Jamal pushed her away but she grabbed Jamal’s face to kiss him again

Marketer: Please Boss, take me, you have a $exy lips (Impatient) Please boss just once, I want you right now

Jamal:C.. c… Can you please stop (She didn’t bother to listen to him, she grabbed his face again kissing him without releasing him, She cut the kiss and said)

Marketer: Please boss just give it to me from the back, Oh my God, boss you have a cute lips (Kissing him all over and over again)

Jamal:I said stop it(Almost yelling but more like he is silent, She grabbed his shirt to remove it, suddenly David came in, she quickly stood up and ran out, while Jamal only put his head on the table, He felt weak, sad and at the same time helpless, David wanted to go out to meet her, But Jamal called him back, David move closer to him, giving him some wipes to clean his lips and shirts that was stained with her lipstick….


Niniola put his head to rest on his chest she said

Niniola: Don’t worry,I am coming to your office tomorrow (Jamal was busy in his office when his marketer came in with a file, she smiled and said

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Marketer: Morning Boss, How was your night? (She winked at him moving closer to him, touching his face) I couldn’t sleep very well last night, I was just thinking about you, I was just thinking of you giving it to me from the front and back, boss don’t tell me you don’t want this, I promise you it will be your best, I don’t mind if you don’t give me my salary for this month, just give me that d–n thing Boss, please Boss (Wanted to kiss him but the door was opened, They both saw Niniola and Tomiwa standing, Niniola was putting on a black long dinner gown,with a golden heels, her hair in ponytail tail, No jewelries no hand bag, The lady was like who the hell is this?

Marketer:Who the hell are you?

Tomiwa: Hey b—h! You are talking to his wife

Marketer:Oh I see, is that why you opened the door that way without knocking

Tomiwa:Huh? (Surprised)

Marketer:I mean is that why you opened the door and distracted us from doing what we are doing?

Tomiwa:My dear sister you are finished I swear

Marketer:What do you mean?

Tomiwa:It means you are dea

dNiniola: Actually I put on this black gown just to mourn you, Tomiwa give me my slippers please (Tomiwa brought out a golden fashion slippers, she gave it to her while Niniola wear them, David and Daniel ran in, some workers are ready to watch the scene including the secretary that seduced Jamal, Niniola said

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Niniola: Please Jamal, tell your boys not to hold me(move closer to the lady)Ehn ehn, you were saying something that I don’t get, what did you say?

Marketer:I said we are in the middle of som… (Niniola gave her two hot slap at once, Jamal was shocked and everyone else, except for Tomiwa, The lady couldn’t see properly for complete ten seconds, Niniola grabbed her hair and said

Niniola:You are a disgrace to all women, you are worthless (She gave her another slap, which sent her falling, she stood up yelling)

Marketer:How dare you to slapped me, who the hell do you think you are? (She ran to Niniola to slap her but Niniola use her leg to kick her stomach, She fell down back, While Niniola grabbed her hair and dragged her out of the office to show her to everyone, she said)

Niniola:You are a disgrace to all women once again, how dare you to harrased my husband”The word husband hit Jamal and he feels so good with it, even though he doesn’t know the reason for that”All because of a d**k, you want to loose your job, are you mad or something, don’t you have a family you are feeding, That guy over there pays you every month and because you found him as a quite and soft boss, you want to take an advantage of him, you should be hang you b—h! (She gave her another slap, She dragged her to stand up, Now look at me, If you still want this company, go to him and say sorry right now, and if you don’t want sack yourself, NOW! (She shouted at her, while the lady ran to Jamal, she was apologizing to him and at the same time looking at her back if Niniola is not coming to hit her once again, Niniola saw the secretary while she also saw Niniola, she quickly put her face down… Ever since Niniola came to the office, The ladies maintain thier posts, and Jamal could walk freely in his own company, Niniola and Tomiwa are watching a movie in the living room, Bunmi ran in and said

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Bunmi:The Boss Mum is here,She is here!

Tomiwa:Eeeeeh! Chimo! Fire oooooo, fire on the mountain, Ninny abeg let’s go inside

Niniola:Why will I go inside?

Tomiwa:You can’t hear her saying Jamal’s mom is here?

Niniola:Oh really? Actually am happy and have been looking forward to meet my mother-in-law (She smirk)

Tomiwa:Gbam! Case close, Bunmi run for your life….

What Next??

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