Story: My Iron woman – S01 E12

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Daniel:You suck Dude!

David:You wreck Dude!

Daniel:I hate you!

David:I hate you more

Daniel:Then I hate you more more(Jamal couldn’t help but to start laughing at them, Jamal got home he entered his room, he met Niniola sleeping on the couch,she was watching a movie but she slept off, Jamal move closer to her, taking a good look at her properly, He studied everything on her face, from her eyebrows to her eyes, nose and lips, he couldn’t know when he utter out the statement

Jamal: Natural (Suddenly Niniola woke up, while Jamal stood up to leave, Niniola said)

Niniola: Actually I was sleeping before, but the moment you came in I woke up, I just decided to trick you, so I heard something natural, Escuze me what’s natural?

Jamal:(Turning his back to her) Uhh, it’s nothing(He rushed in straight to the bathroom while Niniola smiled, Jamal came out of the bathroom, he saw Niniola making the bed very well, she was putting on a black short transparent night gown,Jamal could see the colour of her underwear which is white in colour, He could feel his throat getting dry again, he rushed to where the fridge was to get a water, he gulped down the cup of water at once, Niniola was just looking at him, She sat on the bed waiting for him to sit, but he was only staring at her, She beat the bed lightly telling him to come and sleep, He walked up to her slowly, he sat with her, While Niniola move closer to him putting his head on her laps, Jamal was really freezing and at the same time getting hot, Niniola said

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Niniola: Actually I only want to do this once, But I want you to know that this is part of a woman’s care, either from mum or wife,So just relaxed your body,I just want to make you to sleep, that’s all (Jamal relaxed, his body, while Niniola stroke his hair lightly and softly, Jamal tears dropped down because he remembered that only his Dad has ever done that to him, that moment he missed his Dad so much, Niniola could feelhis tears on her laps, she said

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Niniola:It’s ok, no more tears(After some minutes, he slept off, while Niniola put him to the bed gently, she stared at him for five seconds, She stood up to look at the moon, she rested her hand on the window, staring at the moon, but she was in thought at the same time, Jamal has been going to different meetings, occasions and event without any medicine, but there is still a little problem about him getting scared of ladies when they are near him, he came back from work, He was looking sad and at the same time scared, He sat on the bed,Niniola who was busy watching the TV stood up and sat beside him, she pat his back and said

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Niniola:What happened to you, what’s up with your mood?Talk to me please

Jamal:A.. Actually am having some issues in my company

Niniola: What happened please?

Jamal:I don’t sack my workers because it’s not my thing,I don’t do that,But I have been pushed to do that severally but I just can’t do it,There are these two ladies in my company,My secretary and one of my marketers,They are really bothering me a lot, Though David and Daniel told me to fire them,but I just can’t,I don’t want to look like a bad guy,These two girls anytime they comes to my office,it’s either they make thier skirts short or they reveal the top of thier B00bs tome,They have passed thier boundaries now, they are now touching me now, I was saved by David today when my marketer almost remove my shirt

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