Story: My Iron woman – S01 E11

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Writer’s POV

Niniola: Infact am not going to go there with you again?

Jamal:What? You can’t do that, then I rather use my medicine

Niniola:(Grabbed his face to her two hands,She said calmly and boldly)Look at me, I will not be there for you forever, you need to fight it,you need to fight this fear,you can’t continue like this,If I should follow you there right now, what if the contract is done? Or even before this contract finish do you think I will follow you to everywhere you go? Of course not, Just have faith, believe, be strong, fight it, prove to someone that you are his son and that is your Dad, just think about him,prove to him that he left his business into the hand of a brave son, Jamal go there and let them Know that you are strong and you are not weak (The words sink into Jamal’s body, He was just surprised by Niniola’s words,He was staring at her, He could feel the changes in his body, changes like the fears are gone,He couldn’t stop staring at her till Daniel knocked on the door, Jamal went out, Those words keeps flashing back to him till he get to the Hall, the moment he entered the Hall, He was cold and at the same time feeling hot, seeing people on thier seats brought back the fear, but suddenly Niniola’s words flashed back to him “Prove to your Dad that he left his business into the hand of a brave son, Fight it, believe”Jamal steppedup to his seat,after twenty minutes he was called to give his speech, Jamal couldn’t believe himself that he that couldn’t speak in the presence of five people without his medicine is now the one speaking to almost forty people in the hall without his medicine, during his speech he couldn’t stop smiling and that moment, he learned a lesson that, “If you can’t risk it, you can’t get it Tomiwa’s room Niniola came to visit her, Tomiwa was really looking so gorgeous, She was putting on a blue long dinner gown with a silver heels, matching it up with silver earrings and necklace, while Niniola was putting on a pink Indian gown wears, with a silver shoe also, matching it up with silver earrings and necklace, Tomiwa said

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Tomiwa: Seriously this place is an heaven, but babe can you please tell the Boss to make the contract Six months? Imagine the good life here now

Niniola:Are you sure you are ok?

Tomiwa:Of course I am

Niniola:Of course you are not

Tomiwa:Of course I am

Niniola:Ehn! Tell him you also want to do contract then,but not with me, just you

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Tomiwa: Whatever; So after the contract now, what willyou tell people?

Niniola:like?I don’t get you

Tomiwa: People will be worry like why do you guys break up now

Niniola:Oh! I discussed it with him, he said we will just tell them that we divorce because of a reason that is known to just I and him

Tomiwa:Hmmmm, I think it sound better, I learnt that his mom is really scary

Niniola:Babe forget that one, am also here for her, let’s take a walk please (She stand up)

Tomiwa:Just like that?

Niniola:How? What? What are you saying?

Tomiwa:You are also here for her? I said this woman is as scary as a vampire

Niniola:Ehn, She is vampire abi? And me to is the eldest vampire, aunty stand up let’s take a walk

Tomiwa:Hmmmm, ok ooo(Tomiwa stood up from the bed, both taking a walk round and round the house, when they got to the compound, they were surprised to see many different kinds of cars

Tomiwa:Is Jamal selling a car or he just bought new cars?

Niniola:No, he is not only selling he is buying ni, he is a having partners meeti… (She was cut short when they saw different men and thier guards and managers going to thier different cars, Jamal, David and Daniel, and Jamal’s Manager talking to the business partners, Appreciating them for coming,Soon they left one after the other,After they had left, Jamal and his two boys went in laughing, Tomiwa said

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Tomiwa: Actually you should start your work now Nini, how I wish he came out like that without using any medicine, am hundred percent sure that it is his medicine that helped him out in that hall(Nini smirk)

Niniola:Look at you, of course he went there without his medicine, his medicine is with me

Tomiwa: What?For real?Wow! You are doing this so fast more than my expectation, Wow! What method do you use? Tell me please

Niniola: Just let that beJamal and his boys discussing in his office

David: Like seriously am still surprised that you came in to that hall yesterday without medicine

Daniel:Even me, am just surprised, so fast, I mean who will ever thought of that,just some motivational words changed you

David:Don’t say that kid bro, you or I or anyone may say it and it may never have any impact in him, I guess she is the rightful one to say that, now I believe you when you said something attracted you to her that she can help you, congrats Boss

Daniel:Wait a moment, did you just call me kid bro?

David:Yes I do, any problem with that, Ain’t you my kid bro?

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