Story: My Iron woman – S01 E10

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Writer’s POV

Niniola walked up to Jamal whose throat is as dry as a clothe that was abandoned for ten days in the sun, She sat down beside him on the bed, He was sitting in the middle of the bed while Niniola sat down at the edge of the bed staring at him, he wanted to say something but his voice seems to be lost, Jamal managed to talk,he said

Jamal:C.. ca.. can yo.. you please s… Stop staring at m… Me that way, I can’t focus and b… Breathe easily, please (Niniola smile and said)

Niniola: imagine a whole you who controls 10 companies both in Nigeria and overseas, a whole you who has more than four hundred workers shaking in the presence of the daughter of Mr nobody

Jamal:It wasn’t my fault

Niniola:I wasn’t making jest of you, I was only trying to understand you(Suddenly Niniola touch his head to check his temperature, immediately Jamal could feel his body getting sweat, even though two Air-conditions are working but it was not enough for him, his heart is racing so fast, his throat is dry and his body is shaking,Niniola noticed his reaction, she removed her hand, she smiled and said

Niniola: Jamal, am just 24 years and am just a lady, even though people calls me different names like, fighter Nini, Iron lady and so on, but I want you to know that I have the soft side of me, am just myself am just me, Never get scared of me please and I promise to try my best on you,we both have to work things out together, but you will have to promise me two things before that

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Jamal:W.. w… What’s that please,?

Niniola: Firstly believe me in all things, When I asked you to do something please just do it, and secondly will you please give me the chance to direct your life for just this two months? (She smile while Jamal just stare at her pretty face, he said calmly)

Jamal:Right from that day I had believed you and to direct my life I guess that’s why you are here, please feel free to do that (Niniola smile and gave him the box,he collected it from her, he opened it and put it on his finger, Niniola said

Niniola:Will you please stand up from the bed and let us have lunch together ?(At first he was surprised, He could feel that Niniola doesn’t seems to be scary or something, he could feel himself save beside her, he wonder if all girls out there are just the same as Niniola, they both stood up from the bed, Jamal opened the door for her, the two guards that are standing at the front of the room, greet Jamal and Niniola, both of them walking silently through the house, Jamal took a glance at her two times but she caught by him each time he took the glance at her, the first time he took the glance at her, He immediately took of his eyes, while the second time he looked at her, he only stared at her for ten seconds before taking of his eyes off her, Niniola smile while Jamal seems happy and at the same time a little bit scared but not as scared as when Niniola first came to the house, At the dinning, They were served with pounded yam, melon soup, assorted fish and beef, some maids and some guards are just Happy for Jamal,Ever since Niniola came in to the house, the atmosphere in the house really changed a lot,They maids and guards are happy for Jamal for he has found a great lady to live with and she will be the first lady that Jamal would ever eat with, not even his mum eat with him ever since he was giving birth, it is either his Dad or the ones who took care of him when he was a kid, his mother never employed a female to took care of him but a male took care of Jamal all through his life till he clocked 18 years of age, If a female had been his nanny maybe the fear wouldn’t be much as that, Throughout the lunch with Niniola, Jamal would never say he didn’t have a great time with her because she keeps on saying funny things about her and Tomiwa’s childhood , Jamal couldn’t help but to laugh..Niniola was sleeping on the bed suddenly she woke up and saw David, Daniel and Jamal arranging some files, David and Daniel are dressed up in a black suits while Jamal was dressed up in a blue suit, Niniola walked up to them and said

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Niniola: Hey, what’s going on here?(Jamal was staring at her)

David:The boss is having a meeting in the second flat right now and they are here

Niniola:Oh I see, (Niniola saw Jamal still staring at her, she was putting on a very short night wear gown,pink in colour,she puts on the jacket to cover her shoulder,her beautiful shape was revealing and Jamal couldn’t stop staring, she said)Hey you are drooling, (Jamal quickly stop staring while David and Daniel smile, they packed up the files and went out, Jamal went to his drawer, he brought out his medicine to use but Niniola collected it from him immediately She said

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Niniola:You are not going to use this

Jamal:(Shocked)What? P…. please I can’t do without it, am going there to face up to thirty business partners please,just let me use it please

Niniola:Do you believe in me or not?Answer me please,do you?

Jamal:I… I.. Of course I do,I believe you bu..

Niniola:Then give me this medicine because I am going with you into that hall and you are not going to using this medicine….Can Jamal go for it just like that, without using his medicine that has been helping him for complete four years??

find out in the next episode

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