Story: My Iron woman – S01 E08

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amal’s POV

So right now am staring at her and my heart is really racing so fast, This girl is just too beautiful for goodness sake, I couldn’t control myself, I could feel my chest having some pains,I Know it’s no other thing but my phobia again, all thanks to David and Bunmi,before I could break down, Daniel ran as fast as he could to upstairs to get my medicine, immediately Bunmi saw him running up, she also ran inside to get me a cup of water they both arrived at the same time,I collected the medicine from Daniel and I swallowed it with the water, David ran in immediately also, while they both assited me up to my room, I lay down on my bed just to rest a bit,I couldn’t think straight but one thing I could think about is that her face and what I noticed from her is that when she saw me using medicine and was assisted to came in my room, am sure she was just surprised about the whole thing, after fifteen minutes, I dozed off

Niniola’s POV

Right now I can’t think straight, I mean what just happened right now, did he really wanted to collapse just now, what if the medicine was not here on time, but what could have caused that?so many thoughts running through my head,The lady who gave him the water walked up to I and Tomiwa, she said with a smilling face

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Bunmi: Please follow me ma(She led us while we followed her, When we got to a room, I mean this is not just a room when we got to a house, because this room is as big as just a house, a king size bed, A Wardrobe full of female’s wears,In the bathroom was a TV, There is also a kitchen in it, a little living room in it, A little space for gym, I almost fall down when the lady threw the bomb at us that the room was for Tomiwa, My friend almost get mad)

Tomiwa:Sister please come again

Bunmi:(Smile)I said this is your room

Tomiwa: Ehhh! Owo oooooo! Money ooooo! (Bunmi couldn’t help but to laugh, Bunmi said)

Bummi: Please Ma(To Niniola) Follow me ma Did she just use ma for me, Ma? Me? Am sure she will be older than me or we should be age mate but why will she use that for me, As we are going out of the heaven’s room, I saw my friend jumping on the bed happily, I bet it this will be the best days of her life, As we were going from one place to another, a guy joined us then I realized that he was the guy that first talked to me the day I slapped the guy who maltreated Tomiwa,The lady said

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Bunmi:Is he up?

Daniel:No he is still sleeping, Pardon me Ma,Am Danieland this is Bummi the head of the maids In this house(Oh my God! Did he also just use ma for me, Not to long we arrived at a room at the front of the room was two bodyguards standing, they opened the door for three of us, I almost fall down but I was helped by the guy who supported me by his hands, I can’t believe that there is a pool in this room, The living room is as big as four bedroom flat for poor people like us, The AC that is running in this room could solve sixty people’s problems at once, There is even a gym in this room, a very low and soft music is played, I looked at my right side it was then I realized this over over over King’s size bed, I swear this bed will contain six fat people without thier body touching each other, I saw this guy sleeping on it peacefully, ok I just got his view clearly, this guy is so cute and handsome, I wonder if he was given birth or he was dropped from the sky, He was rolling under the big blanket just like a baby, I was told to remain calm and silent,In this same room,I was led into this f—–g room which was full of clothes, Both for the male and female, I guess they are for I and him, I almost forget the contract that we will share the same room, Infact I wonder if they have ladder because if I want to start wearing this shoes, I must start from the top because this silver heels that is calling me will be the first one I will wear, I can’t believe that this guy has really prepared a lot for my coming, but still the same I think this guy really needs help, to be candid, what I see in this guy is that he is a weak person who need a supporter and someone to motivate him, I promise to try my best on him, I guess we start from him waking up now and see me standing, I just hope he won’t give up to the ghost if he finds me standing at his front when he wakes up

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