Story: My Iron woman – S01 E06

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Jamal’s company Jamal was busy in his office with Daniel helping him out with some files, David camein and said

David: Boss Bella is at home,she just called me

Daniel:Huh! I thought she should be here by tomorrow

Jamal:She already called me


Jamal: yeah, she said tomorrow is for one senator or something and it’s important

David:Ooh, that babe get high class

Daniel:D–n it!If you see the house she just bought that house get class David

David:For real?(interested to hear more)

Daniel:I dey tell you oo

Jamal:I heard that she spent up to fifteen million for that house

David:Wow! Well she dey do those governors too Sha

Daniel:Look at you, sit down for there, she they do them for overseas and if she wan go like that my guy na free tickets oo,First class

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David:Only her and God knows how much she will be receiving every month

Daniel:Abeg say every week, Every week am sure she will be receiving up to 10m

Jamal:Ehmmm, David(Not really interested in the discussion) how are those girls, are they still coming

David:Yes Boss, in two days time

Jamal:Sounds great, Let’s round up guys so that we can have lunch before going home(They all continue working,At Jamal’s house a Very $exy lady with a figure eight shape, Chocolate in colour,She pierced each ear in four places all together making eight,an artificial blue eyes,With a lovely stature and skin,came out of the bathroom in Jamal’s room,This is Bella,she was drying her hair, after she is done with her hair,she went out straight to the kitchen she met Bunmi and the maids, she said

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Bella:Uhmmm, Bunmi do you have stew in the house?

Bunmi:Of course we always do

Bella:Do you need to say that?

Bunmi:Say what please?

Bella:What is you always do, your answer should be yes or no(Bunmi was like is this one mad or something,while the other maids in the kitchen are looking at her the way she talk) Anyway get me that stew with a clean white rice, make sure the rice is wash very well (The maids were all surprised like Bella must be crazy),I need fried fish to it,I don’t want any beef or chicken,just fried fish with a cup of orange juice and after thirty minutes I will need some popcorn with a full cup of Pepsi but let the popcorn should be after thirty minutes that am done with my food, I hope you get that?

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Bunmi:I do

Bella: So you can’t add ma?

Bunmi: Escuze me?(Bunmi was like this girl must be a total b—h,What?

Ma?For who?)

Bella:Don’t worry, I will report you to Jamal

Bunmi:Ha, I think it’s better, please do, Girls get her what she need, I want to check on those girls in third flat

Maids:Yes ma! (Bunmi went out while Bella couldn’t believe that she can have the guts to walk out on her, some maids make jest of her but they dare not let her see them, Bella went out of the kitchen angrily while the girls burst out laughing)

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