Story: My Iron woman – S01 E05

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He was in the living room reading some newspapers when Daniel came in to tell him something

Daniel:Boss your mom is here

Jamal:(Confused) What? My mum? But it’s not yet three weeks now, I hope is not what am thinking (Suddenly his mom came in catwalking up and down, she sat down looking at Jamal who was also staring at her)

Jamal’s mom: So you want me to come before you send my money right?

Jamal:B…but It’s not three weeks yet Mom

Jamal’s mom:look at me Young millionaire, listen to me very carefully,I don’t want it every three weeks again I want it every two weeks, is that clear or not?

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Jamal:Fine it’s ok, I will send it to you tomorrow

Jamal’s mom: Never! I want it this moment, I want it now

Jamal:Ok fine,it’s ok, Daniel get me my second phone please

Daniel: Yes Boss (Daniel went to get Jamal’s phone while Jamal’s mom shouted calling Bunmi)

Jamal’s mom: Bunmi! Bunmi ooo!! Bunmi!!!

Bunmi:Maaaaa(She bend down to greet her) Am sorry ma,I was in the next flat, that’s why ma,am so sorry ma,so sorry ma

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Jamal’s mom:You must be stupid right from your former life, are you mad or something? So you are ignoring my callings

Bunmi:No ma it’s not th…

Jamal’s mom:Will you keep your mouth shut or I do that for you?

Bunmi: Sorry ma

Jamal’s mom: Nonsense! Will you go and tell your juniors to get me something to eat or I should bounce on all of you now?

Bunmi:Sorry ma (She run inside while Jamal was just looking at his mom while she said)

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Jamal’s mom: You, don’t worry I will soon bring you a girl to get marry to, your Mates are having thier own children already

Jamal:Mom please not now,not again,I don’t want us to argue again, please, not again, please!(His mum was only looking at him as he continue with his newspaper, Daniel arrived with Jamal’s phone, Jamal made the transfer,he gave the phone back to Daniel while he went inside his room to avoid another discussion from his mum…

What next??? find out in the next episode

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