Story: My Iron woman – S01 E04

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Niniola’s shop David and Daniel sat down with Niniola and Tomiwa to discuss on what they came for, There are no much customers just a guy and a lady eating,so Tomiwa alone is attending to them and she later join Niniola and the guys discussion

Niniola: So you want me to help him to take away the fear of woman and phobia of crowd in him?

Daniel: Exactly, just for two months that he is having his holiday, Actually this is it,you are free to go out, you are free to bring in your female friends, no guy is allow in, if you have a guy you want to meet, you are free to do that outside, you will act as his wife who got married to him in the court and that’s because of his mum to keep her quiet and your certificate of wedding to him will be ready as soon as you agree to this contract,you will share the same room with him as a couple, you are free to act as his wife for just two months but I want you to know that the purpose of everything is to help him and that’s all

David:If you can agree to this contract, after the contract a sum of ten million naira is ready with any car and house of your choice

Tomiwa:(shouted)Yeeeeeeh! Mo gbe oooo, Nini let’s close the shop please (The guys smile while Niniola looks at her friend like (is she ok)

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Niniola: (Speaking slowly)excuse me please, you said I will help him with the issue of courage, and is phobia for women, for ten million naira with any car and house of my choice, right?

David: Exactly

Niniola:And no cex?

David:Of course not, no way, just help him, this is not the issue of cex, he doesn’t need that from you, and one more thing if he brings anyone to the house, that doesn’t have anything to do with you, either he brings in a lady or a guy is none of your business, and if you can sign the paper now,two million naira is waiting for you for your upkeep, and you can move in next week

Niniola: Actually I think i will need to think about the whole issue fir… (she was interrupted by Tomiwa who stood up at once to meet the customers that are eating,

Tomiwa: Escuze ma and sir, we are no more selling food here again, please stand up and go


Tomiwa:It’s ok I will repeat myself, Escuze ma and sir I say bah we no dea sale food for here again, please stand up and go, do you want me to say it again?

Niniola:Tommy are you ok?

Tomiwa:Ninny I should ask you that, ha uncle, aunty I said you should start going we are no more selling food again after all you haven’t pay and you are almost done with the food gan, you can have your waters with you,please go(The customers stood up to leave angrily while Tomiwa said)You can help us to inform others too that this shop is closed till further notice, Ire ooo(They left angrily)

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Niniola:Tomiwa what are you doing?

Tomiwa: Actually am trying to close the shop because we are going for a contract please uncles I hope you know that am coming with her?

David:Of course no problem

Tomiwa: Please give her the paper let her sign please(Daniel brought out the paper and a pen for Niniola to sign but she was just staring at Tomiwa whose two hands are on her waste,shaking her legs)

Niniola:But why is your body hoting this way?

Tomiwa: Babe, it’s ten million naira hoting me right now, abeg madam sign(She grabbed Niniola’s hand, she gave her the pen to sign, Niniola stare at the paper for some minutes thinking about it if she should sign it or not but she had no choice because if she didn’t it’s possible tomiwa slice her for dinner, the moment she sign Tomiwa said

Tomiwa:Ok uncles can we give you the account number now for the money to upkeep our body abi?

Daniel:Of course yes(Tomiwa went in the shop to bring the book where Niniola wrote her account number to, she called the number for them while they said)

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David:You will see your alert right now the account is sent to the Boss already

Tomiwa:Ok now (Niniola was just looking at her friend, suddenly a message was sent to Niniola’s phone, she wanted to check it but Tomiwa grabbed it from her, she checked the message and shouted)

Tomiwa:Yeeeeeeh, Chimo, just like that, all because we agree, two million naira straight away, two million, (Niniola collected her phone angrily from her,she checked it and said)

Niniola:Just like that two million?

David:It’s going to be just like this the moment you finish the contract too

Tomiwa:Bros, it is done, believe me it is done finally, Bros please tell Boss that it is done, you will see us next week (They dropped the description to Jamal’s house for the girls with David’s number and they left after when they had left)

Niniola:But Tomiwa why are you doing this, why are you behaving like you haven’t see money before in yourlife?

Tomiwa:Ok tell me have I see two million alert before ni,tell me now,have I, or have you yourself receive two million naira since 24 years that you have been on this Earth

Niniola:Story Story

Tomiwa: Story! Shopping here we come (She shouted while Niniola rolled her eyes and shake her head)

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