Story: My Iron woman – S01 E03

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Nini’s Dad:So what if I know, what if I know o, tell me what’s his offence, is it not because he broke your V!rg!n!ty with force by getting you drunk, you too look at yourself, at the age of 24 you are still a virgin, anyway thanks to Hakeem that made you to know the sweetest of life,now you can be adding that job with the other job abi?

Niniola:What job with other job?

Nini’s Dad:You can add prostitute job withthe food you are selling what’s there that Ican say, stupid girl ‘Tears dropped down rapidly on Niniola’s face, she couldn’t believe her dad will utter that statement,She grabbed her bag to run out but her Dad stopped her and said

Nini’s Dad:You dare not leave this house without dropping my money’Ninola dropped a sum of one thousand naira buther Dad grabbed her by her hand, he threw everything in her bag on the floor,he saw the money on the floor, he picked two thousand naira together with the one thousand naira she had gave him

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Niniola:Dad I need that money please

Nini’s Dad:Well I need it more than you (Heput the money in his pocket)he sat down to continue with his drink,Niniola packed her things on the floor andran out of the house crying bitterly, Niniolais a good lady with a great heart, a Fairlady in complexion, no spots, no blemishes,no pimples, she had a natural long black her with a well shaved eyebrows, a cute lips with lovely dimples,Niniola has been trying to survive in school but it’s not working out for her all because her Dad keeps on collecting her money,Even though Niniola is as crazy as anything but she has two weak points and that isher Dad and her ex boyfriend which is her first love Hakeem,those two people always scared the hell out of her, she really love Hakeem but eversince he took her V!rg!n!ty with force, shehad break up with him, if she is having anissue or shouting at anyone, anytime shesee Hakeem her bones are alwaysweak,and she hate herself so much for that,from all human beings Hakeem and her Dad choose to be her weak points, she despise men and she really do a lot,she had promised herself not to ever fall in love with any guy again,she would rather adopt a child or two and live happily,that’s her thought, ever since Hakeem broke her V!rg!n!ty a year ago she had changed totally, Sometimes Hakeem will brought different kind of ladies to Nini’s shop to make her feel more jealous,Niniola’s hatred for guys get more increase day by day,She beats up guys that maltreat her or her friend tomiwa or anyone she know that she can help, she was on her way to where she and her best friend Tomiwa sells food, as she arrived at her shop, she saw a black car at the front of her shop,Tomiwa ran out to meet her

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Niniola: What’s going on here Bestie?

Tomiwa: Babe, these guys are here for you(Nini just noticed that Daniel and David are sitting in her shop,The moment they saw her they stood up,she tried to remember David’s face but she couldn’t get his face but the moment she saw Daniel she remember him and said in an annoyance)

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Niniola:What do you want?

David: Actually we are sorry for disturbing your privacy please, but we came here because of we needed something from you


David: Yes you

Niniola: What do you need from me?

Daniel:You see I will go straight to the point,we want to have a business with you

Niniola: Business,Me?What Next?? Find out in the next episode

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