Story: My Iron woman – S01 E02

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Writer’s POV

At Jamal’s house in his compound he and his friend Rokanmi with David and Daniel discussing,all were sitting round the table, there were two bottles of wine and four cups on the table, Jamal’s mood was not really cheerful,he looks so bothered

Rokanmi: Ok guy, you asked Daniel to call this girl for you, sorry if I may ask how doyou plan talking to her, which formula do you want to use?because I don’t get it, we all know thatyour biggest fear on Earth is to approach a lady to even sit with them is a problem to you,your maids i mean your maids, you always put your face down when your eyes meet thier, the only two females that we know that you talk to is your mom and Bella, And beside you hardly talk and if is a most youdo you always make it short, you find it difficult to talk to does females close to you,so tell me how do you plan to talk to that girl that slapped the face of a whole guy and the guy was begging, Or is that not how you explained to me David?

David: Exactly Boss

Rokanmi: Good, so let’s assume that the girl agree to talk to you that day how will you talk to her, making use of medicine or what?

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Jamal: Actually I have no formula, but you guys know that I have everything in life, I have the money, I have the houses and the cars, but am lacking two things in my life,which is very bad, firstly I don’t have courage, I have no courage unless if am on my medicine, secondly I lack the care of a woman in my life and it’s all because I lack this courage, but the day I saw that girl, I don’t know,I really don’t know why but I feel like she can help me as a woman,There is this feelings that pushed me to stopped that day,see let me tell you something, if u don’t have a good woman in your life all you have is nothing, what is the purpose of my money when I can’t even ask a lady out,how will I start a family without courage,how? Well I just want something from that girl and that’s all

Rokanmi:And what is that?

Jamal:A contract

All:A Contract? ‘All asked with surprise’

Jamal:Yeah Contract Niniola’s House She was coming back from an outing asshe entered into thier house she saw her father with a bottle of trophy, she nodded her head and said

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Niniola:You didn’t sleep this house yesterday

Nini’s Dad:And when did you start monitoring my special and classic life?

Niniola: (She smirk)indeed a classic life,anyway I want you to know that I droppedout from my part time school

Nini’s Dad;Oh really? That’s a great news’She was like maybe she heard him wrong

Niniola:Dad I said I dropped out from school, you said it’s a great news, what’sgreat about the news?

Nini’s Dad: Many things are good, firstly your school will let you focus on your food that you are selling, secondly your school that always decrease my money is stopped now so am sure my money will be increase everyday

Niniola:How I wish my mom should bealive

Nini’s Dad: Wait are you saying I should be the one in that grave and not your mom? I should have know that you are not my child, ever since your mom gave birth to you, the moment I saw that your skin is too lighter than me, imagine look at your hair too black and long, and I have no hair at all, I should have know that you are not my child, imagine you telling me that you wish am in the grave instead of your mom

Niniola:I know that you are not the one speaking it is what you are drinking, when did I say such I said I wish my mom is alive that’s all (She almost yell).

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Nini’s Dad:Then what’s the different?(Drinking his trophy while Niniola looks at him in a pity way)

Niniola:I know that I never made the mistake of coming to this world, the only mistake I made is choosing a wrong father

Nini’s Dad:Ehn search for Dangote as your father, stupid girl you have the full audacity to break up with Hakeem that always give me money for drink, imagine me looking poor now in the presence of my friend I can’t buy them drinks again, imagine that

Niniola:Dad please stop, not now, I don’t want to talk about Hakeem, you know what he did to me but you just pretend to act like you don’t know

Nini’s Dad:So what if I know, what if I know o, tell me what’s his offence, is it not because he broke your V!rg!n!ty with force by getting you drunk, you too look at yourself, at the age of 24 you are still a virgin, anyway thanks to Hakeem that made you to know the sweetest of life,now you can be adding that job with the other job abi?

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