Nine (9) Total Interview Blunders; Never Ask These Questions Again

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    In case you have been asking interviewees these questions, then there is a need for you to stop as they have become unnecessary and unprofessional.

    Oleg Vishnepolsky who is the Global CTO at DailyMail Online and Metro.Co.UK has enumerated some unnecessary questions interviewers tend to ask candidates during parleys.

    He urged the interviewers to make the necessary adjustments that could cope with the realities on ground. Read his views below:

    1. Don’t ask candidates “what is your greatest weakness ?”. None of your business, really. Instead tell them what is yours, or rather what is your company biggest challenge.

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    2. Don’t ask “Why are you leaving your current company ?”, they are not leaving yet.

    3. Don’t ask “Why we should hire you?” Instead explain why they should join you.

    4. Do not ask irrelevant, demeaning or inappropriate questions, like are you married or planning to have children.

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    5. Do not try to treat candidates as if they are door mats – respect must go both ways.

    6. Do not try to hire people to work for you, hire people to work with – people who you can learn from, from their youth’s enthusiasm or vast experience

    7. Don’t ask “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. Instead, explain where do you see your company in 6 months.

    8. Remember that perfect candidates and perfect managers have one thing in common – they do not exist. Look not for perfection, but for the value the person will bring.

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    9. Don’t tell candidates “we will get back to you” if it is not your intention. It is better to be rejected outright, than to be left hanging. Instead, give them advice on the resume or interview. Better yet, call someone in your company who may need this.


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