Five (5) Ways To Keep Children Engaged During Summer Break

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    For the benefit of the entire family, experts share some tips to keep children occupied and parents happy.

    As the 2018/2019 school session draws to a close, many parents may be wondering how they will get their kids reasonably engaged while the two-month break lasts.

    Apart from the worries of parents, on average, students lose the equivalent of two months of Maths and reading skills during the summer months, claims LearnersEdge.

    For the benefit of the entire family, experts share some tips to keep children occupied and parents happy.

    1. Visit museum, zoos and other tourists attractions near you

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    One way to engage kids during the holiday is to take them to a museum, a zoo or other tourists attraction near you and if you’re adventurous, you can even go further afield, but please be security conscious.

    According to Kidsvillage, such visits can broaden kids’ minds

    Kidsvillage also advised that if your child tends to get bored at museums, try bringing a sketch pad for them to draw their favourite objects or replicate their favourite art, let them take pictures of their favourite exhibits.

    2. Game day

    Make this day all about games. Be competitive but have fun! Play your favourite board games, maths quiz, puzzles, chess, monopoly, scrabble. Feel free to get creative and put your family’s spin on these games. It stays in your child(ren)’s mind for longer.

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    3. Cooking

    Teach kids how to cook with step-by-step lessons and recipes. You can find a lot of those on the internet.

    Once a level of proficiency has been achieved, you may want to consider doing a family cook-off. Be warned that there will lots of washing up to do afterwards but many tired little people.

    4.Vocational skills

    Summer holiday is another opportunity to help your children acquire more skills, aside going to school to learn how to read and write.

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    As a parent, you can help your child develop particular vocational skills like hairdressing, tailoring, barbing and others.

    5. Techie lessons

    The world is gradually going global and technology is taking over. The earlier you expose your children to various technologies and how to use them the better.

    You can enrol your kids for computer training, web designing, coding, robotics and even enlighten them on how to use social media responsibly.

    Don’t forget that photography, photo editing, videography and editing are also skills that come in handy for the 21st-century kid.


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