Interesting Topics To Chat With A Girl To Impress Her

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What are the best topics to chat with a girl? It is a super-popular question that guys ask when they think on how to build positive dialogue with a woman they like. Almost all men have brain freeze, feeling annoying awkwardness when they lack topics for conversation. If you want to make a good impression and have great communication with the lady you like, keep reading the post below.


Of course, they should be about her! Best of all, let a girl tell a story about herself. But if she is modest? Then you can use one of the following topics for initial communication:

  • You can start your conversation discussing her and your favorite movies. Find out what the latest premieres she has watched in the cinema or at home, what she learned from these films, what films she would recommend and why.
  • Another interesting and universal topic is music. Ask what emotions a girl you like experiences while listening to her favorite tracks, or how she finds music, and how her tastes have changed lately.
  • Next one can be her and your favorite food. Ask what her attitude to tasty and healthy food is. Whether she knows how to cook or likes to do it. You can also ask how often she cooks and tell her about your favorite dishes. This topic also can be a good chance to invite her for a date to a cafe or restaurant.
  • Ask the girl you like about her attitude toward sports. You can ask her about how she manages to maintain such an excellent physical form, and tell her what kind of sports you are going for. If she is a fan of running in the morning, you can propose to join her during this activity.

  • Events are also a good topic of conversation. Ask about local concerts, competitions, recent holidays, where the girl was, where she would like to go, what the next event will be in the city. And again, this would be an excellent chance to ask her to go out with you somewhere.
  • Traveling. You can ask her about how she spent her last vacation, where she has traveled to, about the cities and countries. Also, if you are a traveler you can tell her about the recent places you have visited and were impressed by.
  • Animals always cause a smile on the face of any girl. Ask what animals she likes, if she has pets, whether she wants to have them or not in the future.
  • If you start talking about the styles of clothing, then you immediately hit the mark. Find out how she prefers to dress, what people wear on the streets, how she would like to dress, but perhaps she cannot. Just do not overdo it, because then the girl may misunderstand you.
  • Human qualities is quite a broad topic. Ask what she values ​​in friends, in a man, what kind of character she likes in loved ones.
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If you notice that a lady is excited to communicate with you – boldly move to more in-depth topics. Play psychological games that will allow you to get to know each other better and perhaps even make her want to meet with you as soon as possible. Find out what kind of three wishes she would have asked if she caught a goldfish.


Many questions that guys usually ask girls are monosyllabic and dry. Probably the girl has already heard them more than once from other unfortunate guys who failed to interest her. You should choose the topics for your conversation carefully otherwise there is a big possibility that your communication will end soon after it begins.

What words to tell a girl when meeting her personally? Try to start with an extraordinary topic or ask even a simple, but fresh and unusual question. For example, trying to get to know a sweet girl in a cafe, you can ask her something like “why are there exactly two tubes in a cocktail?” She, most likely, does not know the answer, but even then her interest will be higher. And you can tell her, for example, that the waiters put two tubes there to liquidate vacuum under the ice. An additional bonus here will be that many girls if you tell about this fact without tediousness or trying to teach, will consider you a knowledgeable guy.

Instead of a closed, implying a clear answer question, ask an open-ended one, which will encourage a the girl to answer. It is necessary to develop your dialogue here. Redo closed-ended questions to the open-ended ones those that begin with such words as “why,” “what do you think about it,” “do you know that.” At the same time, it is impossible to exclude all closed questions completely.

Listen to the girl is the first communication advice. Often guys are so concerned about building a conversation that they lose sight of what the girl wants to talk about. Let her speak on the topics that interest her. Ideally, you should let the girl speak most of the time, ensuring, of course, her desire to talk with you.


Your communication with a girl online should stand out among the typical compliments that she usually receives on social networks. Try to make interesting comments that will draw her attention and, perhaps, even make her get interested in your personality.

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If you want to start an exceptional communication with a girl, you should think over the nuances. Even literally study her page to see where she goes, what she reads, what music she listens to, what films she likes. In the future, this will allow you to introduce new topics of interest in your communication or to tell that you prefer similar movies and music. She will find you attractive, perhaps even see similarities among yourselves, and then she will want to you closer.

Be extraordinary! For example, noting her dress, say that it looks dazzlingly beautiful, just like the one you would choose for your sister or mother (if she is a young lady). The girl will experience ambiguous emotions and certainly highlight your comment. Or you can ask her if she is not a stylist because a person with such a good taste definitely should be a one.

Do not rush to write answers very quickly. Take time but be careful because the girl may think that you are chatting with other girls. Even when her words to you at this stage are dry – perhaps this is just a mask, and she just wants to stay a mystery for a while. Even if this did not happen, and the girl did not write first – write to her, most likely the girl is just waiting for your reaction.

Follow the intrigue in communication. Talking with a girl online you should ask more about her and tell less about yourself.

You can also exchange music with her because it can influence the girl’s emotions, which is often more effective than verbal communication. You can watch her audio recordings and find a similar track. Or even take it from her records, telling the girl that this is your favorite song.


The best way to get rid of nervousness is the practice of communication. But even experienced guys often worry about calling a pretty girl or starting communication via the phone.

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You can reduce anxiety with the help of some psychological techniques. They include deep breathing techniques and idea that you are talking/chatting with your best friend, communication with whom you build naturally, joyfully, comfortably.

If you are going to call the girl, imagine that she is now with you, tell her what you want to say, imagine that the girl is openly and positively responding to the phrases that you say and how she smiles at you.

If you are nervous, prepare a phrase to begin your communication beforehand. Further, if she does not know your phone number, you can introduce yourself and ask if it is convenient for her to talk with you now. In general, hold the position that you really want to talk to her, but do not forget to be polite.

What topics to talk about with a girl in the phone conversation? It will be easier to communicate with the girl in a telephone format if you already have a list of possible topics to discuss. There are the questions that can be touched namely her mood, what happened today with her, exciting things, what she was doing just now.

If you have been visiting some event or party (even together), you can discuss it with her on the phone. You can also recollect some funny incidents that happened to you and your friends.

If you feel that you can flirt do it, but remember that it should take about 5 minutes, not longer. It is the approximate optimal duration of the first phone call when it is short and saturated. If you feel that the conversation is delayed – do something. For example, invite the girl to a meeting.

Tell her where and when you want to invite her or give two convenient options to choose from. If a girl is interested, she will respond positively.

Remember that it is essential for all to fill in the breaks of the pause, to learn about the interests of the lady, to consider her uniqueness and do not sound too trivial. All girls have similar qualities and hidden rocks, but every lady is unique, and you should find the right key so she could invite her to her private space.

We have listed some general tips and common ideas. Now your task is to build your own strategy, be smart and make her interested in you. We wish you good luck.

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