See The Full List Of Most Beautiful City In Africa 2018 (Photos)

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    Which is the most lovely city in Africa 2018? Can it be a Nigerian city? We have the complete information about this remarkable place on our continent. Checkout this city and know all the enjoyable places you can check out and things you can do there.


    Cape Town is the Los Angeles of South Africa, which is located near Johannesburg – the local New York. The city is bright, beautiful and majestic. It is a real African beauty. Cape Town also has important historical significance.


    This is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Cape Town is the second most populous city in South Africa, and the largest in the region, located at the foot of Table Mountain, fighting for a place on the New Seven Wonders of the World list. Behind it, there is the legendary Devil’s Peak. The picture is complemented by the beautiful white beaches of the Cape Peninsula.

    If you come to Cape Town, be sure to go on an excursion to the mountains to enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the picturesque Atlantic coast and the city. Include the journey to the Cape of Good Hope to your program too – the place where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. The cape is a nature reserve in which a huge colony of penguins lives. If you have time, you can travel to Robben Island, the place where Nelson Mandela was once imprisoned.

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    If you want to touch the heart of the city of Cape Town, go to the area of Beau Kap, such charming and colorful houses you will not see anywhere else in the world. Walk through the market square, located near the parliament building, visit the embankment, filled with countless attractions, fish restaurants, which serve the most delicious seafood in the country.

    South Africa is famous for its wine. Cape Town Square can proudly boast some of the most excellent wine shopping centers. Make sure you take the time to organize a pleasant wine tour and enjoy wine tasting from the most famous wine regions – Franshhoek, Stellenbosch and Paarl.

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    Cape Town offers countless fun and excitement. The fans of extreme will like to dive in a steel cage surrounded by sharks, to feel dangerously close to bloodthirsty predators that reach 7 meters in length. For lovers of animals and nature, there are organized special tours of the wild nature. At the end of the day, you can visit one of the many spa centers or play with your friends on the golf field.

    In Cape Town you can watch a unique colony of endangered African penguins. The Boulders beach colony has more than 3,000 of these amazing creatures.


    In 2010, Cape Town was one of nine cities hosting the World Cup in South Africa. Football matches were held at the modern Cape Town Stadium, which has a maximum capacity of 69,070 football fans. The remaining eight cities where the 2010 World Cup matches were held were, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Polokwane, Nelspruit and Rustenburg.

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    Cape Town is the most beautiful city in South Africa, with breathtaking, stunning scenery, beautiful coastline, excellent restaurants and attractions.

    Devil’s Peak, is constantly shrouded in a mysterious haze. Robben Island, located seven kilometers off the coast of Cape Town, means “island of seals” attracts thousands of tourists every year. There you can visit a museum that tells you how the island was used as a prison, and later became a colony of lepers.

    The port of Cape Town is of strategic importance because of its location on one of the world’s largest trade routes. Port of Cape Town is the second largest in Africa after Durban in terms of containers processed per day. Hundreds of cruise ships and yachts coming from any part of the world also come here.

    No wonder, Cape Town is among the best cities in Africa. It has unique animals and interesting places for sightseeing . If you want to see the beauty of nature mixed with the human-made architecture, visit Cape Town and get lots of positive emotions.


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