See Secret Of Shea Butter For Your Face

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What are the benefits of shea butter for skin? Shea butter is a natural complex of fatty acids derived from the nuts of the African shea tree. This oil is used by Africans for thousands of years to preserve their healthy and beautiful skin. But not only these well-known properties are famous. Recent scientific studies have found that using shea butter not only improves skin condition but also heals the skin with various inflammations and even acne.

And before touching on this topic, let’s talk about the beneficial properties of this wonderful oil.

The cosmetic advantage of shea butter is that it is a rich source of essential vitamins for the skin – A, E and F.

Vitamins A and E are very useful for maintaining a natural healthy balance of substances in the skin. Vitamin F helps restore impaired lipid cement in the upper barrier layers of the skin because it consists of two vitally important fatty acids for the skin – linoleic and alpha-linoleic, which “revitalize” the skin damaged by aggressive environmental influences. Thus, nourishing the skin with these vitamins helps to make it smooth, soft and supple, and also has a calming effect on irritations and inflammations. So shea butter can be used for the most sensitive skin (and even for babies!). For the same reason, this oil is used in the preparation of [email protected] ointments and creams in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and other skin inflammations.

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As you know, acne on the face is formed mainly due to the fact that the skin secretes an excessive amount of sebum (for various reasons, including hormonal). This fat gets stuck dirt and dead cells of the upper layer of the skin, forming dense clogged comedones, as if sealed in pores and not having the ability to go outside. This dense fatty mass is a favorite nutrient medium for various pathogenic bacteria, the growth of which leads to the formation of purulent inflammatory elements, and simply, acne.

Interesting fact!

Shea butter contains a large number of triterpene alcohols, which are part of its unsaponifiable fraction, which help the valuable components of the oil not only penetrate deep into the layers of the skin but also have proven antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties!

When we apply a herbal remedy based on herbal oil on inflammatory elements, triterpene alcohols in the oil kill bacteria that cause acne, and also relieve skin inflammation. Moreover, shea butter softens the hard comedones and helps the sealed pores to open up, getting rid of harmful contents.

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In addition to all of the above, shea butter perfectly moisturizes the skin and restores it after damage, which is very important for restoring the skin after the dimples and pockmarks left on the skin after acne recovered from the acne.


To treat pimples, you need to buy a pure and unrefined shea butter of high quality. It is important to use precisely unrefined oil, in which the original composition of all valuable substances is fully preserved.

Before use, cleanse the face. For these purposes, it is better to take a lotion or cleanser with salicylic acid, which will previously remove the dead cells from the surface of the skin and prepare the inflammatory elements for oil.

Use a special cosmetic spatula or the tip of a clean teaspoon to apply a small amount of shea butter on the inflammatory elements. It is best to do this at night so that the oil remains on the skin for 8 hours.

Next morning, wash the oil. Even after one application, you will notice that the size of the pimples is smaller. At the same time, the skin remained moist and soft.

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Important. If the cause of acne is demodicosis, we recommend that you first consult a doctor to agree on the necessary treatment.

Methods of using shea butter are very diverse. So, for example, it can be applied to the face and the skin around the eyes instead of the night moisturizing and nourishing cream, or used as a mask (in this case it is necessary to lubricate the face with oil, including the area under the eyes, lips, and neck, and after 25-35 minutes to wash with warm water).

Shea butter melts easily from contact with the skin, so it can be melt directly into the fingers. In addition, shea butter is also perfect for softening dry, cracked, or weather-beaten lips.

Also do not forget about the protection of the skin in hot sunny weather, during sunburn. It is enough to lubricate the face and open areas of the body at this time, and remove the excess gloss with a paper towel.

Depending on the desired goals, shea butter can be mixed with other natural vegetable oils, in unlimited proportions. To do this, first, melt it in a water bath to a liquid state, and then stir with another oil (or a mixture of oils).

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