Top 10 Medicinal Uses Of Mango Leaves

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Top 10 Medicinal Uses Of Mango Leaves – Did you know about mango leaves medicinal uses? We all know and love the fruits of this plant, but what do we know about the leaves? This herb has amazing qualities and benefits, and here we have 10 examples of them.


  • Mango leaves are used in the treatment of diabetes

The leaves of this unique plant contain anthocyanidins (these are a kind of tannins). This element is very effective in treatment of diabetes at early stages. To make the medicine from the leaves they should be dried and powdered. It is also used in treating diabetic retinopathy and diabetic angiopathy.

One of the most popular recipes is to soak mango leaves in the water for one night and drink this infusion to relieve the symptoms of diabetes. Mango leaves are also helpful in the treatment of hyperglycemia. Thanks to the beta-taraxerol compound and ethyl acetate extract the leaves help to activate the synthesis of glycogen and GLUT4.

  • Mango leaves help to reduce blood pressure
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Thanks to hypotensive properties the leaves of mango is very useful for reducing blood pressure. The leaves also helps to strengthen blood vessels and it can be beneficial for the treatment of varicose veins.

  • Mango leaves are widely used in the treatment of restlessness

There are medical cases when anxiety leads a person to restlessness, in this situation mango leaves can become a great home remedy. A good recipe is to add two or three glasses of mango leaves decoction to bath water to get rid of uneasiness and refresh the body.

  • Use mango leaves to deal with gall and kidney stones

People use mango leaves in the form of ground powder to treat gallstones and kidney stones. This herb helps in the process of breaking and flushing out the stones.

  • Mango leaves and respiratory problems

The next example of mango leaves medicinal uses: this herb can be used for treatment of almost all kinds of respiratory problems. If a person suffers from bronchitis, colds or asthma the products from decoction of mango leaves mixed with a little honey can be a great for curing cough or even voice loss. See also: How I got my diabetes completely cured with natural remedies.

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  • Dysentery curing effect of mango leaves

This is the next example of mango leaves uses. The verb is widely used in the treatment of bleeding dysentery. Pondered leaves should be taken with water, and it will help to stop dysentery.

  • Uses of mango leaves in curing earaches

Mango leaves can become an effective home remedy against such a problem. The extract of mango leaves is used as eardrops to help with earache. But if you want to try this remedy, remember that the extract should be slightly heated before use.

  • Use mango leaves to heal the burns

Another one among mango leaves benefits is the ability of this herb to heal scalds and burns. To use the leaves for such propose one should burn the leaves to ashes, and apply the ash on the affected areas of the skin.

  • Treatment of throat problems and hiccups

Mango leaf is a known remedy for the treatment of such problems. The smoke of burned mango leaves is used in the healing of throat problems and hiccups.

  • Mango leaves as a stomach tonic
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To prepare the remedy you just need to infuse mango leaves for one night and drink the filtered infusion on an empty stomach. If you take this remedy regularly it acts as a stomach tonic and helps to deal with stomach ailments.

The leaves of mango are available at any season of the year, so people widely use them as home remedy. Because of antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, the herb is effective in the treatment of various ailments.

Scientists continue to explore the properties of this amazing plant, modern research methods discover new surprising characteristics. New data helps to expand the range of application of this plant. Nowadays, medicines made from plants are more popular than chemical products, that is why the value of such plants as mango increases.

Here is our list of mango leaves benefits and uses, as you see the plant is very useful in the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

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