Sweet Love Poems To Make Her Fall In Love With You Over and Over

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Sweet Love Poems To Make Her Fall In Love With You – Here we have unusual, sensual sweet love poems for her from a man, who wants to give her his heart and soul! Let her know how you feel about her.


  • I’ll be the warrior to fight for our love;

We’ll fly together, fly higher than the dove.

I’ll be your wall and shield you from danger;

I’ll take all the pains, for to me they are no stranger.

You’ll be the queen in the kingdom of my heart;

And then I’ll be the king, so we’ll never be apart.

You’ll be my majesty— I will serve you forever;

And for all of the times, I will leave you never

  • You came into my life like a star

And filled my heart with joy

You took my pain as if it was yours

And gave me love that no one could.

You gave me a shoulder to cry on

You were my pillar when I was falling

You were my strength when I felt low

With your smile, you made my living on earth worthwhile.

  • A smile is such a lovely thing especially upon your face;

hiding all the sorrows or simply taking their place.

A kindly spoken word means so much when from you,

it comforts my weary heart or when I’m feeling blue.

A song can make our hearts dance in pretty fast-paced clips

when we hear the melody of our loves’ unconquerable grips.

Words could lift my spirits and sweet compassion find;

put your hand in mine alone and peace will fill my mind.

A smile, a word, a song, a look – seem small little things

but when love sparks an action, what blessings they bring!

  • I love your lips when they’re wet with wine
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And red with a wild desire;

I love your eyes when the Lovelight lies

Lit with a passionate fire.

I love your arms when the warm white flesh

Touches mine in a fond embrace;

I love your hair when the strands enmesh

Your kisses on my face.

Best poem for my love

I love my eyes

When you look into them.

I love my name

When you whisper it

And love my heart

When you love it.

I love my life,

Because you are the part of it.

  • You gave light to my soul

You helped me to be whole

I have felt love for you before

And it will be more and more,

You are mine, my dear

You are the angel from above

Who taught me how to love.

Please, forever keep me near.

  • You are a desire…

A desire that I want to be fulfilled, yet glowing and alight,

A desire that I want to burn in my heart each night.

You are a dream…

A dream that entered my heart without any warning,

A dream that I want to wake up with each morning.

  • I can’t say I love you. But it’s hidden deep inside of me.

I can’t say I need you. But it hurts every time you leave me.

I wish that I could express what really is true.

More and more I find myself hiding the way I feel for you

  • When I feel the warmth in her heart

I know she is the one from whom I shall never depart

When I rest my head on her knees

I can weave a future of dreams

As my love, I silently profess

To my darling Princess.

  • You have come into my life

And it changed with a blink of an eye

You have blown the roof

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To let me see the blue sky.

I can praise you for a whole day

But my love for you so great

That I need many days to say.

  • Stunning and beautiful not a flower nor a tree,

More breathtaking than those and only I can see,

My heart beats your name right down to the core,

Filling me with such joy and so much more,

Your eyes so amazing, I just can’t look away,

They’re gorgeous and shining throughout all the day,

Here in my arms is where you belong,

Our two hearts beating to the same song.

  • No man will not notice the beauty in you

It’s like you are an angel out of the blue

Your face may not launch a thousand ships

But it’s your heart and soul that is for keeps.

You mesmerize me with your innocent smile

But it’s your eyes that had me there for a while

How I wish everyone would appreciate

The beauty in you which is never to hate.

  • I love your laugh and your smile.

While your voice is all I ask for,

It can make me so happy to hear.

You’re simply everything I adore.

There’s nothing I would change.

You’re just perfect for me too.

I do not see any flaws.

There’s nothing left for me to do.

  • Sometimes we argue, I don’t know why.

Then I sit and wonder, why do I cry?

I cry because I love you,

I cry because I care,

I cry because I feel we have a love so rare,

sometimes I’m afraid I’ll turn around and you won’t be there.

  • I am very indecisive

and always have trouble

picking my favorite anything.

But, without a doubt,

you are my favorite everything.

  • Wine comes in at the mouth

And love comes in at the eye;

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That’s all we shall know for truth

Before we grow old and die.

I lift the glass to my mouth,

I look at you, and I sigh.

  • You’re a star that illuminates my heart;

such a shame each star shines so far apart.

My life can be upsetting sometimes, I need you here –

A thousand miles separate us, but you’ll always be near.

  • L is for ‘laughter’ we had along the way.

O is for ‘optimism’ you gave me every day.

V is for ‘value’ of being my best friend.

E is for ‘eternity,’ a love that has no end.

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  • Kiss my lips until they are raw

Bite my neck until it’s sore

Give me delectation until

I scream for more.

  • My love for you is understanding and passionate.

And I promise to be compassionate.

My love for you is thoughtful and cherishing.

And I promise to be devoted and caring.

My love for you is patient and kind.

And I promise this until the end of time.

My love for you is selfless and forgiving.

And I promise this as long as I am living.

  • If all my friends were stars, you’d be the sun;

If all the world were numbers, you’d be one;

If all my heart was torn, you’d be my thread;

If all my love were colors, you’d be red;

If all my world was dark, you’d be my light;

If all my day was full, you’d have my night;

If all is sorrow, you’d be my laughter;

Because you’re my happy ever after.

Which one of these short love poems do you like most? Would you like to send one to your girlfriend? Share your opinion in comments!

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