12 Well-Hidden Signs You’re Not the Only One She’s Sleeping With

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    You may really like her, but you sense you’re not the only one. Well, it’s time you figure out the signs you’re not the only one she’s sleeping with.

    Of course, we all know that guys can have side chicks, but most of us forget that women are also cheaters. Yes, both sides are guilty. Let’s get this straight, not all women and men cheat, so you can find someone who’s loyal and faithful. However, at this moment, since you feel doubt, the person you’re dating isn’t one of them—maybe. But before we start accusing them of sleeping around, let’s look at some signs you’re not the only one she’s sleeping with.

    How to tell the signs you’re not the only one she’s sleeping with

    Ah yes, most guys think that you’re the one with a handful of women that you switch around, but this is the 21st century, people. Nowadays, it’s normal for people, including women, to have multiple partners when they’re single… and… not single. Sorry to break it to you. But this is the reality.

    When I was single, I went on dates with a couple guys, trying to see which one I connected with the best, etc. Now, this is fine. However, it becomes tricky when you stop casually dating and go into something more serious. Why? Because then it’s Cheat!ng. No one likes to be with a cheater.

    Maybe you’re the notch on her bedpost. What a plot twist.

    #1 She’s physically changed. Normally, she’s wearing sweatpants and hanging out with you at home. But now, she’s been doing her makeup, fixing her hair, and maybe even changing her outfits. If she gets a new shirt, that doesn’t mean anything until you base this from the norm. What is she usually looking like? Has it drastically changed from that norm?

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    #2 She’s nagging you. If she’s always nagged, then this isn’t something out of the ordinary. However, if she used to be calm and now she’s changed, then she may be sleeping with someone else. This is her emotionally detaching and feeling guilty about it. To get through her emotions, she’ll start picking fights with you about everything. And you don’t even want to be around her.

    #3 She keeps her phone hidden. Guys, this isn’t because she wants alone time with you. If her phone is away, fine. If she’s on a date with her phone out and it’s face down, well, then that’s something. Why is it always face down? This could be nothing, but it could also indicate that she doesn’t want you to see anything… like a message from another guy.

    #4 She turns you down sexually. Now, of course, she has cex with you. If she’s doing this consistently for a long period of time, there is a reason to be suspicious. Now, if you’re in a long-term relationship, not having frequent cex isn’t irregular. But if this a fresh relationship and she isn’t wanting to be intimate with you, it’s something to keep an eye on.

    #5 She keeps her friends gender-less. Maybe they prefer not to be labeled with a gender, this is the 21st century. Most likely a majority of her friends have a gender. If she talks about going somewhere with “a friend,” you can be sure that it’s not a girl. If it was, they would just say “she.”

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    They tend to think they’re doing a good job of hiding the person, but the lack of pronoun just makes it more obvious.

    #6 She turns into a housewife. She’s ironing your shirts, making your favorite dishes, and has your clothes washed and folded before you even blink. Usually, she’s a complete slob. Now, if she’s usually like this, then there’s nothing to worry about. What’s her norm? This is trying to make up for what she did to her man.

    #7 She takes her time to reply. She may have seen your message a while ago, but she’s not quick to reply to you. This could be for a variety of reasons, including that she’s around someone and can’t reply to you right away. This isn’t something you should base everything on, but this is a red flag if it’s added on top of some of these other reasons.

    #8 She doesn’t want you to eat her. Of course, there are rules to the exception but a majority of women love cunnilingus. Now if she’s preventing you from eating her out, it could be her period, that she’s not feeling clean, or that she’s already been eaten out today.

    Plus, if she starts giving you unexpected Bl0wj0bs on top of that, she may be trying to fix her guilty conscience at the same time.

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    #9 The surprise shave/wax. It’s normal for her not to be ready when you’re having cex sometimes, especially if it’s spontaneous. Or if she’s usually unshaven and now shaven, it’s an odd act to do unless you want to impress someone. Is there a special event happening now? If not, maybe there’s someone else.

    #10 She points the finger at you. When people are unfaithful to their partners, they tend to turn the finger onto them. She’s looking at your phone, messaging you about girls who liked your Instagram photos, and accusing you of flirting with every girl you see. Now, she’s pushing her insecurities onto you because she knows what she’s done.

    #11 She doesn’t commit. Now, if you’re not in a relationship with her but only casually dating, she may be seeing other guys. And this is fine because you didn’t make it exclusive. However, a solid sign to see if she’s sleeping with other guys is with how she feels about being exclusive. If she doesn’t want to be exclusive, she’s sleeping with other people.

    #12 You don’t spend time with her friends. Girls’ time is normal. However, she may keep you from her friends for another reason. Now, we’re girls which means we tell our friends everything. The close friends all know what she’s doing and she doesn’t want it to slip out. She makes sure you don’t spend too much time around them.



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