5 Reasons Why Web Hosting Matters

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The host you choose for your website matters as it is the lifeline of your online presence. The productivity of your site is greatly determined by the status of your web server. Most website owners are ignorant of their host and take little to no consideration of what makes them work.


Does the web host you choose really matter? Yes, it does. Here are 5 reasons why:


  1.    Advertising

Having ads on your site is a great system to use to make some extra money. Ads are everywhere on the internet and they generate billions in revenue every year. Advertising firms like Google AdSense reserve the right to terminate your ad account and retain all your earnings if they find you violating their terms.


A web host matters a lot as it contributes highly to your advertiser relationships, and plays a huge role in ensuring that your ad revenue is preserved based on the strength of the host’s firewall.


  1.    The Factor Of Trust
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Your website may be well laid out with all your information, products and services but if potential customers come to the realization that your site is hosted on a questionable host, the chances of you losing their trust and commitment to doing business with you are high.


Reverse IP tools can be used to generate information of other sites that are hosted on your web server. If they find that your web host also hosts questionable content such as P0rn, they will not hesitate to pull away from you. The web host your site is on matters as it determines how much people trust your website.


  1.    Security

Web hosting matters a lot because security issues are on the rise. [email protected] have perfected their art of penetrating into people’s sites, stealing information and causing a lot of harm. Needless to say, it isn’t just the small sites that [email protected] penetrate into. They can pretty much [email protected] into big authoritative sites as well.

Hacking has become a full-time job for many people. A web host matters as it determines how secure your site is from [email protected] All the information on your site stays safe if your web host has the systems in place to keep out [email protected]


  1.    Site Speed
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Your site’s speed matters a lot. It determines how many potential customers that you convert and it gives you a competitive advantage when Google uses it to rank your site higher on the search engine. Google will sieve out slow sites that fail to meet expectations of internet searchers.


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Speed determines user experience. Having the ability to configure your site’s speed in your host’s settings is of high importance. A web host matters a lot as it determines greatly your site’s speed.


  1.    Your Site’s Reputation

This is closely connected to trust. Assuming that your website had been hacked some time back and customer information is stolen. Now imagine the same thing happens again. This leaves people with a bad mindset of your site.


If you are subscribed to a web host that is known for serious offences that cost both you and your clients, the end result is a bad reputation that kills your brand. Don’t lose clients and business over a bad host. A web host matters as it determines your site’s reputation.



A web host matters a lot. Here’s Netregistry’s detailed web host review according to MangoMatter.


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