Students Brutalized By Their Hostel Masters In Enugu

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Some students of the Federal Government College, Enugu, have been left with serious bodily wounds after they were mercilessly flogged by their hostel masters on Democrat day.

Narrating what transpired that day, Gloria, who saw the students after the beating said: “This is the most barbaric thing to do students that were entrusted to school authorities by their parents and guardians.

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This is the madness of the highest order which is unexpected from the school teachers. According to the students, on the night of 29th May 2018, around 12:38 am, their hostel masters came into their hostels with cains, belts, and clubs and started assaulting them.

At first, the students thought they were under attack by armed robbers, but as the assault went on, they recognized the voice of their teachers and their faces.

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Some students were flogged until they were unconscious, some were taken to the school security room where they spent the night after the injuries they sustained from the inhumane treatment they just received.

Because of the maltreatment tendered on the students last night, the students rallied up in unison and refused to participate in any school activities or functions, even the exam they had today that’s the 30th of May 2018.

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The school authority called the police on the students and they made some arrests and still had the guts to beat the rest mercilessly. This is barbaric and needs to stop. From school brutality to police brutality

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