Photos: Nigerian Lady Calls Out An Edo ‘big Boy’ Who Scammed Her

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A Nigerian lady identified as Lauretta Onos took to her Facebook page to call out an Edo ‘Big boy’ identified as Pedro Pinto who duped her of a sunglass that worth ten thousand naira.

According to Lauretta:-

“why is this society so wicked? girls that prostitute themselves are highly condemed while the ones that decide to make a decent living are being decieved and scammed.

This big for nothing bastard that calls himself suspicious wealth (pinto pedro)ordered for a sun glasses, i didnt have it so i went back to d market since i was still in lagos..

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After a great search n even loosing my phone in the process i finally got it and sent him the picture and asked him to pay at least half d price of the glasses but he refused and asked me to stop at benin on my way back to warri to give him the glasses which i agreed.

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So he invited me toa hotel with an open bar and was offering me food and drinks but i refused to have anything so he asked for d glasses,tried it on and refused to take it off after a while he said he was going to order for chicken na so this big uncle witjout sense run with my glasses n switched off his phone leaving me dere for 3hrs.

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See u have carrird curses upon curses upon ur generation cos u have messed with d wrong person u will pay with ur destiny for ordinary 10k glasses, this big idiot blocked me evey where.

Please help me share my post and make this cheap thief popular”


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