Four (4) Causes of [email protected] in Nigeria

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    A Port Harcourt lawyer, Mr. Kingdom Ifedichukwuezi provided information about the new waves of rapist activity in the country. What is really happening with this situation in Nigeria? Let’s find out.


    Mr. Kingdom Ifedichukwuezi answered to the News Agency of Nigeria, that most of the time, causes of [email protected] in Nigeria are connected with drugs. He also provided information, that “provocative dressing” by some ladies make rapists to take action. He suggested that it can be one of the reasons of the increased waves of [email protected] in the society.

    Therefore, according to his idea, the indecent dressing by some ladies can be considered as very provocative and in addition to the misbehavior from ladies, it can be a very booming mixture. The lawyer also included his ideas that ladies should be more conservative in their behavior.

    He also applied to various religious organizations that they have to have closer look at the behavior of their women. Still, blaming churches and mosques might be not the best idea for providing the cause of raping.

    At the very end of his interview, he also provided information that [email protected] women will not be considered as a good lady to marry. The very reason for that is the Sexually Transmitted Diseases that may pop up after the crime. He also included that unemployed youth is more prone to [email protected] women than any other.

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    Nevertheless, it can be only the opinion of one man, but experts really provide at least four causes of [email protected] in Nigeria. Let’s take a closer look at the main problems with that.

    1. LAX [email protected] LAWS IN NIGERIA

    It’s one of the main reasons why rapists in Nigeria are so free. The laxity of laws against rapist can be a real problem for the safety of women. The Nigerian laws lack of implementation. They are only available on the paper.

    At the same time, there is always a problem with social inequality within the country. On the paper, the citizens of Nigeria are equal with each other. Nevertheless, people may come from different social backgrounds and if a rapist has money and influence, justice will not be served. Therefore, as long as justice will not be provided for everyone, there is no stop factor for rapists.

    It’s necessary to resolve the problem with law implementation in Nigeria. When people know that there will be justice for their actions, the level of crimes will decline drastically.

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    Even if women protest from the idea that their dressing is one of the reasons for [email protected], the statistics show that it’s true. The modern way of dressing provides the exposure of various erogenous zones on the body of women. It can provoke cexual harassment in male.

    Also, some studies show that men see women with less closing on their body as an indicator for frivolous style of behavior. Therefore, these kind of women are considered to be more approachable for intimate intercourse. The deviant males consider less clothed women as a signal for intimate activity.

    The problem is quite simple, they have less control over themselves and they can’t help their urge.


    Silence is one of the worst causes of [email protected] in Nigeria. It’s true that a lot of families in Nigeria would prefer to cover the crime, even against the will of the victim as they are afraid that the woman will not get married because of that. Any [email protected] can be considered as bringing dishonor to the woman in Nigeria. Moreover, it might be considered that this dishonor was brought on by themselves.

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    Therefore, women in Nigeria prefer to hide, rather than get justice. Also, according to some shocking myths, HIV infected men may believe that intimate intercourse with a virgin girl may lead to the cure from HIV.


    It’s true that most causes of [email protected] in Nigeria are possible due to the problems with alcohol and drugs in Nigeria. Unemployed youth try to find succor in alcohol and drugs. This situation leads to the increase of violence among youth.

    Is it possible to save the youth from alcohol? There are thousands of different methods to do that, but unemployment is still very high in the country. With no jobs, the youth will opt will most likely opt for crime.

    How can Nigerian solve the problem of [email protected]? There are many different methods to do that from the side of the government.

    Their protection depends from themselves also. Parents of Nigeria must understand that security of their children completely relied on them. Ladies must be more sensitive and careful. Also, the Nigerian judiciary must ensure that punishments of rapists must be swift and sever, in order to discourage such acts among others.


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