Checkout Five (5) Ways Women Use To Push Men Away In Relationships

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    Falling in love and starting a relationship can be quite easy but the real task is how best to make the romance last. A relationship tends to go awry when one party starts to do things the other individual finds hard to tolerate. Understanding will be required when such a situation arises, but where it is lacking, there is every likelihood that things may go south.

    Men and women are wired differently in relationships and what the latter takes with levity may be a turn off to the former. Here are some of the ways women push men away.

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    According to Carl Jung, everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Most men can’t stand a nagging woman and many would be forced to take a hike if it becomes unbearable.

    Rather than nag about a situation, your man’s habit or behaviour, ask him questions about why he acts in a certain way, suggest alternatives and proffer solutions. Those approaches are far more effective, over time, than nagging.

    Being too clingy

    Don’t be too needy or clingy. If you are in a committed and exclusive relationship, you will earn the respect of your man if you give him his space and are not too possessive. Lack of trust and low self-esteem contribute to women being too clingy.

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    Being too demanding

    Suffocating your man emotionally and financially are red flags you should avoid. Men love and are attracted to assertive, confident and independent women.

    Don’t smother him, let him breathe. Work on building up your self-esteem and you’ll surely be loved in return.

    Trying to change him

    Some women enter into relationships determined to make their men conform to their expectations and meet their desires, but most often than not, they fail. You could occasionally point out your man’s inadequacies and shortcomings, but actively trying to change him may only push him away. If he loves and respects you, he will ultimately make some changes for you.

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    Dwelling on the past

    If you decide to live in the past and constantly talk about his or your ex, you are inadvertently pushing him away. Avoid dwelling on ugly matters of the past. Start anew and build afresh.


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