5 Tips to maintaining your e-skateboard

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Tips to Maintaining Your E-Skateboard

GT Carbon Series Street Electric Skateboard

All sporting equipment requires regular maintenance to perform smoothly. Proper maintenance also tends to prolong the lifespan of most, if not all equipment. This same rule applies to electric skateboards. Compared to regular skateboards, electric skateboards provide more thrill, even though they tend to be significantly more expensive than their cousins and regular counterparts. This is a more sensible reason as to why you should put some effort into maintaining these babies. Even though maintaining an e-skateboard is not rocket science, it’s important to master a few basics.  Here are some tips on how to take proper care of your e-skateboard to ensure that it stands the test of time and that it serves you well.


  1. Replace the Grip Tape

The friction between your feet and the grip tape is what keeps you from falling off the skateboard. If the grip wears off, it is easy to fall off. The grip tape often gets damaged from normal wear and tear, water, and dirt. Take care of the grip by always keeping the tape clean and dry. Replace the old grip tape with a new one where and when appropriate. When replacing the grip tape check that air bubbles are not stuck under it as this might cause the grip tape to slide off.

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  1. Bearings

Bearings determine how fast and smooth the ride on your e-skateboard is. Taking care of the bearings is not as challenging as most people think. You are only required to inspect your bearings every month. Remove the bearings and clean them to get rid of any dirt then lubricate them. Keeping the bearings clean and oiled will ensure that the balls rotate freely which increases speed.


  1. Charging Your Battery

The battery is susceptible to damage if not properly handled. It can also pose the danger of exploding as it is an electric device. When charging the battery, first connect the battery and the charger then plug the charger into the main power source. Always check that the battery is fully charged before plugging it out. When you have not used your board for a long time, plug the battery into a power source once in a while. Proper care of the battery will make it last longer and a long battery life means a long lifespan for your board.

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  1. Wheels and Bolts

After using your board for a while the wheels wear out due to friction. No one wants to have a skateboard that is not stable, which can be a result of unevenly worn out wheels.  Make an effort to rotate the wheels regularly so that they wear out evenly. Bolts, on the other hand, get loose after some period of constant and continuous use. Take time to tighten any loose bolts but do not make them too tight.

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  1. Watch the Terrain You Skateboard On

In as much as e-skateboards are electric powered, some consideration needs to be taken when choosing the terrain to skate. Rough terrain can cause the wheels to wear out faster than smooth surfaces. Riding on smooth surfaces such as carbon and bamboo streets allows you the thrill of fast speed and smooth skating experience. Also, it’s important to try and avoid wet surfaces since these may cause damage, especially if they will come into contact with the electric parts of your e-skateboard.


The invention of electric skateboards can be said to be one of the best of our time in the personal sporting and entertainment world. Everyone desires to make the best out of every investment they have made. Therefore, if you have decided to invest in an e-skateboard, you should also be ready to put some work in observing proper care and maintenance.

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