24 LASTMA Officials Have Been Dismissed Over Misconduct Allegations In Two Years

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Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has dismissed 24 of its personnel in the past two years over misconduct.

The authority has also lost about 10 personnel, while some others suffered injuries with some resulting in amputation in the course of carrying out their duties.

Chief Executive Officer of the authority, Christian Olakpe made the disclosure saying LASTMA also punished erring officers and men in some other ways including suspension, rank reduction and isolation.

“There are various avenues we use to checkmate the misconducts of officials on duty,” Olakpe said. He said that LASTMA had received numerous complaints against its officers.

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“We initiated LASTMA Response Unit to carry out investigations on such complaints. The Provost Unit was also created to mete out punishment on any of them found guilty.

We have dismissed 24 personnel in the last two years as a result of corruption, abuse of office, extortion, impropriety and other misconduct. Eagle’s eye is on officers on duty to ensure zero tolerance to corruption,” he said.

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According to him, LASTMA is creating a new culture of effective human relations and efficient traffic management.

“We are keying more into the rule of law, and our officers are driving more into the protocol of arrest. You can’t just stop people and start fighting them on the road. We have trained our officers to be very civil and polite while carrying out their duties.

Olakpe regretted that about 10 LASTMA personnel had been killed in the past two years and others suffered injuries while carrying out their duties.

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“It is unfortunate that about 10 of our officers and men were killed while controlling traffic, like Mr Bakare Olatunji, who was killed at Apapa while on duty. Some of our men also suffered injuries from irate mobs while managing traffic.

We are working with the police to bring the perpetrators to book. It is a big task handling traffic management in Lagos state,” he said.


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