Ten (10) Things Every Thick Girl Has Gone Through When Shopping For Clothes

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    While men look at you with longing, women look at you with envy but they really have no idea the struggle involved with being thick.

    Here are 10 things every thick girl can relate to:

    1) It’s nearly impossible to find things in your size which actually fits so shopping is more like scavenger hunting.

    2) When you’re looking for your specific size, and an employee suggests their largest size should work for you. Err thick not obese please.

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    3) When you trust brands that label something a size 12, but to your dismay, it’s really like three sizes smaller.

    4) You know that “one size fits all” never means it’ll fit all of your curves in.

    5) When all your clothes are more expensive because people love to profit off of the needs of thicker girls.

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    6) When shopping is 90% trying everything on first out of necessity and 10% actually making a purchase.

    7) When people tell you they wish they had your level of confidence to wear certain clothes out the house. But they really mean to say you should hide under a [email protected] curtain.

    8) You know not to bother with online shopping because 99% of companies use models that look nothing like you, so you really don’t know how anything will look.

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    9) When you have to test your tops to make sure that you won’t look too chesty, especially at work.

    10) And when you wear a regular shirt to the office and a few of your colleagues have a problem with how it fits on you.


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