Lady Exposes UNILAG Professor Who Molests Female Students, Releases His Semi-Nudde Photos

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A female student of the University of Lagos has reached out to Linda Ikeji blog to share her sad story of molestation in the hands of one of her lecturers, who according to her is a Professor in the English department of the University.

The student (name withheld) managed to get Nudde photos of her molester in one of their ‘encounters.’

She said to LIB:

“I have been suffering this for months now. Whenever students go to his office for anything he is always trying to touch you.

“I took pictures of him on one of the days I entered his office. He has made molestation a part of him.

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“I’m even scared for my life in Unilag. That’s why I’m reaching out to you so he can be stopped.”
She went on to add:

“He is a professor in the English department, Faculty of Arts. I am not his first victim. “He does this all the time to students. I have completely given up when it comes to academics he has failed me on tests before.

“When I talked to him concerning it he told me I should know what to do I am an adult.

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“I feel so dirty for even allowing such an old man touch me. But he doesn’t even care as long as you satisfy his wants.

“I’m tired of everything. He should be stopped before he ruins the lives of other innocent girls in that English department.

“When he touches me I am always in tears but it doesn’t stop him.

“Please this is why i am reaching out all I want is for him to be stopped. He is destroying the mental state of girls in Unilag.

“I just want him stopped. I reached out because I don’t want him to continue molesting girls. “The English department is like a cult. The lecturers have information amongst themselves.

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“They talk about the girls they have slept with and the ones they plan to sleep with. It has been going on for years.”

According to Linda Ikeji Blog, they have Nudde photos of him they cannot share yet.

Below are some photos of the professor allegedly molesting her and several other innocent girls in the English department of University of Lagos.

This is alarming! We hope the school authorities will take necessary action!!!

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