Here’s How To Get Rid Of All Those Stains S*ex Leaves

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    cex is not without its own fair share of messes. While the activity may have been fun and brought a smile to your face, the state of your sheets will wipe it away.

    No one likes to lose their sheets because of a stain that simply will not go away so we found tips on how to deal with each one.

    1) Semen stains:

    You’ll want to stay away from bleaching semen because semen is full of protein, and bleach can turn protein stains a yellowish color. It’s probably easier to clean a wet semen stain than a dry one.

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    For semen stains that have dried, vinegar and baking powder or hydrogen peroxide is recommended.

    2) Vaginal discharge, urine, and sweat:

    With a little hydrogen peroxide solution on the stain and blotting out as much as you can before putting the item in the washing machine. You don’t want to use heat until you’re absolutely certain you’ve gotten as much of the stain out as possible, as heat can set the stain in.


    First things first, you need to rinse away excess solids with cool water. After it’s done, air dry and check it out. The stain should be noticeably improved. If it’s not, or if you couldn’t use hot water, you can repeat the cycle over again. If the fabric can withstand warm water, this would also be the time to increase the water temperature to help.

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    4) BLOOD:

    For blood stains (period or otherwise), the best course of action is to rinse with cool water to get out as much stain as possible. It’s super, super important to rinse with cool water first.

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    For oil and water-based lube stains, your normal laundry detergent or dishwasher detergent and cold water should be effective. For silicone-based lubricants, since the silicone is water repellant, you’ll need to pre-treat the stain on dry fabric. To do that, you can apply liquid laundry detergent to the stain and rub it in. Wait 10 minutes, then machine wash in the hottest water using detergent and any other additives you need for the fabric.


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