Four (4) Ways Not To Lose Weight

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    You open social media on your phone and you see photos of women showing off what society deems as ‘ideal’. It’s no wonder young women are attempting to lose weight in whatever way possible.

    Here are 4 ways that are not healthy to lose weight:

    1) Instagram slimming pills

    You most likely have come across this when you were scrolling on your timeline. You find people swearing by their authenticity but you’d be safer not trying them. You have no way to know if they’re approved by any drug enforcement agency.

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    Really, if you want to lose weight it isn’t the way forward.

    2) Sipping Laxative Teas

    Laxative teas might leave you feeling a little lighter. But they don’t actually help you lose weight and they could be harmful. But they cause an increase in bowel function are not helping you lose fat rather, you lose fluid, and can have health issues.

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    3) Skipping meals and starving yourself

    Skipping meals might seem like an easy way to lose weight but it backfires. When you skip meals it only ends up making you eating more when you do eventually eat.

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    4) Doing a juice cleanse

    A juice-only diet might leave you feeling light and clean. But the problem is, juices have almost zero protein. You’ll end losing water weight and muscle mass but not fat so when you go back to solid food those pounds will pile right on.


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