Four (4) Useful Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

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    There’s really nothing more annoying than having your face look perfect and both eyebrows agreeing to cooperate in unison only to be ruined.

    Why? Because of that dreaded oily skin of yours.

    Suddenly your face looks like it’s being prepared to fry in a pan alongside plantain. The solutions?

    1) Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate!

    Before anything else, make sure you are exfoliating about once a week and using a gentle cleanser at least once a day. It helps, trust me.

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    2) Use oil-free foundations

    Since your skin already has enough oil, stay away from products that have oil on their ingredient list. Look for foundations that say they are long-wearing. They have specific formulations and ingredients that allow them to keep your makeup budge-free.

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    3) Avoid applying thick layers of foundation or concealer

    Whether you want a natural look or a full-on glam, don’t slap on heavy applications of foundation or any products.

    Light layers will help make your makeup last longer and not give you that “cakey” look.

    4) Keeping your skin care tools and makeup brushes clean

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    This [email protected] should apply to everyone no matter what skin type, but most especially for those who have more oily skin.

    Giving your skin care tools and makeup brushes a weekly cleanse can help ensure that the pore clogging dirt and debris and excess oil from your own skin don’t come back to hurt you.


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