Four (4) Places You’re Guaranteed To Find A Sugar Daddy

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    While some of us are more conservative than others when it comes to matters concerning cex, others are out here discussing it and having it. Some with men much older than them.

    Sugar daddies have become the new student bank loans and the trend shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

    For those who agree with this way of [email protected] the economic system, here are 4 ways you’re guaranteed to find a sugar daddy who will take care of you.

    1) Instagram

    Be a slay mama, have pictures showing off all you best angles and your… urm selling points. You’ll have men sending you messages regularly. Be sure to filter them through and reply to the ones who are mostly likely to have money.

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    Ignore the ones with pictures that look like you both share a street in Mushin.

    2) Top industry events

    They are always the ones that sit at the tables that cost the same amount as your house rent does. They dress simply and when Mr Real climbs the stage  to belt out notes for his hit song, they sit calmly and watch everyone else dance. Top industry events are definitely the place to find a sugar daddy, just be sure to turn up looking extra nice.

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    3) Weddings

    There is no better place to find a sugar daddy than at a wedding whether traditional or church wedding. It’s one of the few places where they come out in their numbers to represent and support the couple who are uniting.

    The best way to get their attention is to be on the bridal train or be a bridesmaid.

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    4) Church

    Where else do you find financial help but in the house of the Lord? They sit at the front pews in the church which are allotted mostly to the members that do not fail to pay big sums titled tithe. The easiest way to get one is to be an usher or member of the hospitality unit where you are encouraged to follow up with church members outside of service.


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