Are You Considering or tempted to Cheat? You Need To Read This First

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    Are you finding yourself tempted to cheat and have cex with another woman?

    First up, you need to decide if it’s because your current relationship isn’t working for you. If you and your partner just aren’t meant to be, rather end it – it’ll hurt now, but be kinder in the long run! And it leaves you free to pursue your new interest without being a cheater.

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    If your heart is still in your relationship but you’re still finding a hot new woman catching your eye, then slam on the brakes in these 4 ways:

    Address it

    Need a confidence boost? Ask your partner for one, says Jan Denise, author of Innately Good: Dispelling the Myth that You’re Not. Sing each other’s praises, she says. If you can talk that openly, that’s intimacy.

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    Find new friends

    Don’t hang around with cheaters. Marriage therapist Gary Neuman found that 77 percent of men who’ve had affairs have a friend who cheated. The lesson: if your friends cheat, they make it seem normal.

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    Consider the fallout

    She may experience symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder for years afterwards – flashbacks, anxiety, depression. Do you really want to take that on?

    Change your expectations

    It won’t be easy keeping your relationship on track, says Neuman. Fixing the relationship you’re currently unsatisfied with will take time, and time together, he says.


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