Checkout How to get Your Airtel Data at Affordable Price in 2018

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Airtel Nigeria offers many discounts once in a while. It comes up with interesting offers that would attract new customers and keep current subscribers curious to choose more Airtel data for less. Would you like to know if Airtel 9GB for 3500 Naira is available in 2018? Keep on reading, and you will learn more about this once-popular offer and other not less exciting offers.


Several years ago, millions of Nigerian citizens who preferred Airtel Nigeria over other mobile networks heard about a wonderful discount.

The company promised to provide 9GB of mobile data to subscribers who dialed *438*1# and paid 3500 Naira. That package lasted for 30 days and quickly became popular all across the country.

Are those Airtel subscriptions still available to you? Can you enjoy Airtel 9GB for 3500 Naira in 2018 or not? Let us analyze what the mobile operator has to offer you this year.


Times goes by so quickly. It seems that the years 2015-2016 were just yesterday, and this was when you could easily grab your Airtel 9GB for 3500 Naira by dialing a short USSD code on your phone number. Back then, some users noted that such an impressive offer was available to particular SIM cards only. It did not work for everybody.

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Those of you who consume approximately 9GB of data per month are not able to get Airtel 9GB for 3500. This offer has expired. Still, the company has many other interesting data plans to cover your needs:

  • Android 4.0 package
  • Mega 5 package


This data plan works on all Android smartphones, whose users need several gigabytes per month. We should note that this option contains the total of 9.5GB of data. However, you cannot use all of it during the day. The package is split into two parts: 7.5GB of daily data plus 2GB of bonus data. You can use your bonus only at night, from 1 am until 7 am every day.

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The package costs 4000 Naira, not 3500 Naira as it used to be. At the same time, you are offered 9.5GB of data instead of 9GB.

Here is how you can enable this plan on your Android device:

  1. Use your mobile phone that has Airtel SIM card inserted.
  2. Make sure you have 4000 Naira on your mobile account.
  3. Dial the popular *438*1# number (yes, it has not changed) to order the plan.
  4. 4000 Naira will be deducted from Airtel account of yours. Your SIM card should receive 9.5GB worth of mobile data (including the 2GB of bonuses to use at night).

Your Android 4.0 plan lasts for 30 days. After a month, it expires unless you renew your package.


This SmartSPEEDOO mega pack offers incredible 12GB of data, which includes 10GB of mobile data to use during the day and 2GB of bonus data to use at night. The bonuses can only be used from 1 am till 7 am for 30 days (the plan is valid for one month).

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This pack costs 5000 Naira. However, this price is great since you can enjoy impressive 12GB of mobile data instead of the old 9GB option.

Here is how to subscribe to Mega 5 plan on Airtel:

  1. You need a handset with Airtel SIM card.
  2. You should have 5000 Naira on your Airtel account.
  3. Dial the short USSD code *452# and 500 Naira will be deducted from your account.
  4. Your SIM card will get 12GB of data to use for 30 days (however, 2GB can only be used at night).

You can always renew the plan once it expires after a month or choose a different Airtel Nigeria plan to enjoy.

These are the latest 2018 Airtel packages you can subscribe to and enjoy in Nigeria. Which offer sounds better to you?

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