5 Tips to Planning a Black Tie Event

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    Wow your guests with these 5 tips for planning a black tie event

    Black tie events are rare occasions when people get to dress up to the nines. To be able to create a memorable formal event, everything has to be well-planned to the nitty-gritty details. Planning a fancy party can be a lot of work for it to be perfect, but keep in mind that your guests should enjoy for it to be a success. Read on for some tips on planning a black tie event and making it an unforgettable one.


    1.  Make it clear about the outfit

    For a black-tie event to be a success, for a start, you have to be clear with the guests about the outfit. You can define it as more formal than business clothing but less formal than white tie. Males are expected to arrive in tuxedos and black bow ties while the women dress themselves in dresses which reaches below the knees or evening gowns. Announcing a formal dress code should be done in advance to give ample time for guests to pick their perfect outfits.

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    1.  Send out invitations a month in advance

    It is vital that you send your invitations in advance, a month at least. Clearly indicate the dress code in the invitations so that guests may be able to prepare for it. And since it is a formal event that you are planning, make your invitations match the event. Find a striking calligraphy writing to use on a thick, elegant card stock. Giving out your invitations in advance

    gives you enough time to follow-up your guests to know the final headcount.


    1.  Create a fancy menu

    Have your guests ready for a fancy treat. Black tie event menus should not be super elaborate as long as everything goes with the formal theme. Beers are out, sparkling wine and champagne are in. If you want to raise elegance a notch, you may hire a caterer and have your hors ’d oeuvres and refreshments served to your guests. Keep away from serving food items which are difficult to eat as your guests are elegantly dressed, and you wouldn’t want them to have an awkward moment at the party. Serve unique but delectable treats instead to satisfy your guests’

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    1.  Great entertainment

    A formal gathering such as a black tie event should have an equally glamorous entertainment. Having a live band or a string quartet play slow, classical music for a start brings out the formal vibe. The Black Tie Group Entertainment Agency, which specializes in entertainment for any event, can provide you with the kind of entertainment that your gathering requires, be it live bands, duos, soloists, and what-have-you. Live music creates a nice feel, especially to a formal event. You can have upbeat music played as the night rolls on and have your guests dance the night away.

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    1.  Elegant Decorations

    Wow your guests as they enter the venue with your elaborate decorations. Decorating your venue elegantly creates a formal ambiance fit for your equally glamorous guests. Decorations

    need not be too intricate to look elegant. Create a classy ambiance by having simple yet chic decors such as gorgeous centerpieces and subdued lights. You can check online for ideas you may want to include in your decorations.


    Planning a black tie event may be grueling, but like any important occasion, the success of the party lies in planning and having fun along the way. After all, it is a special event you are putting together for people to create happy memories with.


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