How To Flirt Like A Professional (For Ladies)

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    A woman should be decent and ladylike. This means you should avoid too many relations with men lest you dent your image. The only time you should relate with a man though is when you are ripe for marriage and in that case, he should be the one to ask you out and of course, you should not make it easy for him. Play hard to get! Show him you are well trained. That way, he will respect and value you.

    Ever read anything more boring than that? I haven’t either. I almost slept off writing it. Let’s lose some of our home training and learn to be professional flirts. Normal is boring and besides, life is short like knicker (in Olamide’s voice).

    1. Make eye contact

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    One of the easiest ways to get attention is your eyes. Stare at him and make him catch you doing it. Please don’t mop at him like he is holding your destiny. That is a major turn off. Scratch that, that is a major switch off! If he is sitting across the table for instance, occasionally make eye contact with him and look away. If anything, it registers your interest.

    Please don’t look at him like you were sent by his village people.

    2. Flash them teeth!

    Flash him the coyest $exiest smile there is. If he hadn’t noticed you before, he will after this. Observe what his response is though. If he gives you a confused look, it isn’t so bad, if he smiles back, mentally give yourself a high five, if he frowns or gives you an unwelcoming look, you might want to stop here.

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    3. Talk to him

    Go over and say hello or borrow something of his. If you aren’t so bold, look for witty ways to start a conversation. You can ask, ‘What time is it?’, ‘Do you have a piece of paper?’, ‘Does my shirt look rumpled around the neck?’, ‘Is that gum you are holding?’ or anything that suits the situation.

    4.Drop some lines!

    Be witty girl, drop him so lines that’d make him blush. You can go, ‘Do you have a map? I’m getting lost in your eyes’, ‘How was Heaven when you left it?’, ‘Your hands look heavy, can I hold them for you?’, ‘Do you know what my shirt is made of? Girlfriend material.’ or anything cooler.

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    Let your thoughts run wild.

    5. Body language

    One of the first steps when it comes to flirting is body language. It helps you establish a bond with him. Touch him ever so lightly once in a while. Tap him gently while you laugh or just ‘unkownly’ make body contact. In neutral places of course!

    If done well, these will give him major green light and send him running after you!

    Bonus tips: Look good, facially especially. A lipstick that brings attention to your lips is a plus. Something red and glossy perhaps.

    Be confident, there is nothing as $exy.

    Don’t try too hard.

    Be  feminine and coy.


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