Five (5) Easy Ways to Regulate Your Time When Answering Post UTME Questions

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Is it true that in most Nigerian universities and colleges there is usually not enough time to finish the post-exam? Yes! there is no time. That’s why I’m here to discuss how to answer post utme questions and deal with you within the limited time.
Exactly like other competitor exams, the time is greatest in the post utme examination. If you feel that you have not had enough time to answer all your questions in the JAMB exam you have just completed, prepare yourself for a worse experience.
I could still remember the first time I wrote a post exam exam at the University of Calabar (UNICAL). Before I knew what was going on, they were already collecting scripts. An hour’s exam seemed to take twenty minutes … It was really funny and dramatic. NO TIME!
Mark the word “The first time I wrote post utme examination”. That is, I wrote jamb and postme more than once.
If you plan to stop because you failed, then it’s time to rethink. Keep trying until you win.

Well, even if you would not be able to finish everything in the post-utme exam, there are steps you could take to do a lot in the limited time frame.

I will try to make this article as short and simple as possible so that you can prepare for your Unliag, UI, OAU, Unilorin, Abu zaria, Uniben, Lasu, Unijos and post utme demonstrations for other universities and colleges.

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5 Steps to Answer Contribution Utme Questions at the time

1 Find out how your school asks questions

2 revisions and Exercises a few days to the exam

3 Go to your post utme Venue on time.
Select questions at random.

4 Shade random.

5 Continue reading for details …………


Just like Unilag is not the same As Uniport asks questions, Uniben post utme also asks questions that differ from those of the OAU.
Post exme exams at Nigerian universities vary according to difficulty and number of questions. Some put as low as 40 questions, while others ask up to 200 questions. It is reported that the OAU even asks questions in advance, which is usually difficult for students.
The more questions are asked, the more time is usually required in a time for a question the best universities
I will not discuss here how post-utme exam is passed because I have already done so. You may want to click here to see the 17 laws that will let you pass post-post utme exam once and for all.
Note: If you know how your school asks questions, you will know how to approach the questions “the speed of light.”

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Stop reading if it’s 5 days to examine; even if you still have issues that are not covered. This is because your speed depends on the topics that you know very well. Make some serious revisions a few days before the exam and practice more questions from the past.

The more you revise and solve your previous questions, the more your exam speed will increase. This is because you would have encountered familiar questions before the post utme exam date. It will be easier for you to reach the speed required for the Live Post test.


The early bird catches the worm …. The sooner you are in the post utme hall, the more relaxed you are and the less you can ask questions without pressure answer.

Stay calm when you come to the exam hall. Free your thoughts, stop thinking about how well you are prepared or how difficult the investigation would be. In fact, stop thinking about the time frame.
Have a success story. Tell yourself, “This exam will be easy and I will answer everything immediately”. This will strengthen the confidence you need to pass your post-secondary exam.

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In order to be punctual, you do not necessarily have to enter the questions serially. Look through the questions quickly and look at the time that everyone needs. Try your post utme questions in the following four ways:
Start with the simplest topic.
Try all the questions that would cost you seconds.
Answer those who would keep you busy for a minute.
Answer the time-consuming questions.
Answer post utme questions correctly …


Well, time may not be enough for you. Because there is no negative mark in post utme, you should try to select random answers as they approach the end of time.

You can choose to shade options A, B, C, or D according to the option, which seems to be more correct. I explained this in my article on how to answer questions correctly, even if you are not sure of the answer.

You do not have to try all questions to pass a post-exam exam. The number of questions you have tried does not count alone. What’s really important is the number of questions you answer correctly.

I hope you have found this article to answer how utme questions are helpful? Comment and share with others … ..

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