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    Do you want to know how to kiss passionately? Many of us kiss every day. There are many reasons to do it: expression of parent’s love, friendship, romantic feeling. The last one is the most exciting for people of different ages. That’s why we all want to make our kiss unforgettable. But what to do if this is your first kiss? Read on! This information is useful for those who just want to improve their kissing skills.

    The first kiss is one of the most important and magical moments in a girl’s life. It should be pleasant and unforgettable. Today a woman should take the initiative to get the attention of some man. However, any guy appreciates if a girl gives him an opportunity to be strong and active. Don’t hurry, girls. Let him take the initiative and feel like a real man. You can ask: how to kiss passionately for the first time if he’s shy? In this case you can make the first step and motivate him to do it.


    • It is necessary to choose the right time and place for such an important event, of course, control the process itself.
    • Be beautiful but not frivolous. Put on some charming and romantic dress, shoes. Just be graceful. No man can resist a charming girl. If you want, you can also put on some jeans, T-shirt and sport shoes. The main requirements are tidiness, womanhood and relevance of your look.
    • Do easy make up and use a little of perfume. Don’t use a lot of lipstick, nobody would like to eat it. Make nice and romantic hairstyle: easy curls or just pack your hair and leave some strands.
    • Be attentive, friendly, communicative but not very talkative. Listen to him and don’t criticize. If he’s special to you, don’t try to seem very smart and serious. You risk to discourage him from kissing you.
    • Make sure that you have fresh and clean breathing. Brush your teeth carefully and if necessary chew gum before the date.
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    Well, now let’s consider some tips on how to kiss passionately. Remember that it’s better to kiss at the end or in the middle of your date.

    1. Act confidently. Firstly, kiss on the cheek to turn the partner’s head. If you decided that you have chosen the right moment and place to kiss, there is no way back. if he does not want a kiss, he will tell you about it, but in the other case do everything possible to kiss.
    2. Slightly bend forward and tilt your head slightly to the side. The first one means the intention to kiss, and the second action will not let your nose face the partner’s nose.
    3. Start slowly. Just press your lips to the lips of your partner. At the beginning it should be gentle and romantic. You can close your eyes to emphasize intimacy of the process.
    4. Increase a pleasure. Kiss your partner slowly for a few seconds. Then just pull back slowly. Let your lips be very close, but not touch. This will intensify the passion, and your partner will not forget it for a long time.
    5. Having achieved a kiss, try to open your lips slightly. Use the tip of your tongue to “explore” the lips and tongue of your boyfriend. There is no special rule, the main thing is the softness of your movements. Keep in mind that only a thin line separates the passionate kiss from the slobbery one.
    6. If you want to try a french kiss. This is the type of kiss when your tongue enters your partner’s mouth and caressing his lips and tongue.
    7. Do not forget about your hands. You risk to fool away your perfect kiss with languidly hanging hands. Use them to pay attention to your boyfriend. At least hug your partner and pull him towards you. You can also stroke his hair, put your hands on his strong shoulders. Get fancy but don’t be too persistent. What can you touch? It depends on the status of your relationships, age and desire. Your romantic relations should grow gradually.
    8. Do not get distracted by anything. Even if fireworks rattle around and there are many people everywhere, enjoy this moment. If something will distract you, your boyfriend can think that you’re not very interested in him or his kiss doesn’t impress you. No matter what is happening around – focus on the kiss and your partner, and let nothing distract you. Only you two and your kiss.
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    When you ask how to kiss passionately and romantically, you think about someone you like. However, there the cases when any actions and touches are unpleasant for you. Then you should be blunt but polite.

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    If it seems to you that your partner wants to kiss you, but does not know how to do it, help him. Maybe he is not sure that you like him. Get close, take his hand and look at his lips or kiss on the cheek. It will look encouraging.

    If your attempt to kiss failed, then stop immediately. Perhaps, he has no confidence in his feelings. Don’t be upset.

    Certainly, kissing can not be compared to mathematical abilities. It looks like some kind of art. However, almost all people have it. There is nothing difficult in this process. Everyone can learn it and practice. There is only one main rule how to kiss him passionately and romantically. Just love him. Then your every kiss will make both of you happy.


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