Tips on Weight Loss and Maintenance

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An alarming fact is that most people who set out on a weight-loss journey in more instances than not fall by the wayside. Statistics show that most people who are losing weight end up regaining their original weight and in other cases adding more to it.

Only a paltry 20% of those who lose weight successfully manage to do so and maintain their weight loss for the long-term. Cutting down on weight can be fun to start with, but maintaining the healthy lifestyle to prevent relapsing is challenging to say the least. Ensuring you stick to your weight-loss program requires utmost self-discipline especially on what and when you eat.

Don’t worry. Weight loss can be maintained over an extended period when complemented with the right strategies.

Exercise Regularly

Regarding losing weight and weight maintenance, working out does a great job. Exercises will help speed up your metabolic rate, which assists in burning fat. The training regimen should be tailored to cutting excess weight.

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One thing you should note is that training should be complemented by a proper lifestyle for significant results. You should not eat junk with the mindset that you will burn the extra calories in your next workout session; it does not work that way.

You can supplement your workouts with performance enhancing drugs. However, be sure to research clomid effets secondaires as well as those of the other drugs before using them.

Keep Track to Improve

Keeping track of your day to day progress is vital. According to a particular study, smartphone apps for counting calories alongside health awareness meetups helped speed weight loss in some men. Taking time to weigh yourself and keeping records has also been attributed to helping people on fat-loss programs to lose weight significantly and implement more weight-loss practices.

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Share Your Story with Others

Nowadays, it is simpler to share your progress with the world than before. Starting a blog where you regularly write about your experiences is a good start. It will give you an opportunity to share your experience with other people apart from your immediate family and friends. Also, it will give you a sense of responsibility not to relapse. You will receive messages of encouragement from other people undergoing the same experience.

Write It Down

A study revealed that those who write down the progress they make lose almost twice as much weight as those who do not. Other than that, jotting down your goals has positive effects in helping you achieve and maintain your weight-loss targets.

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Each Bite Should Count.

Ever heard the saying, “healthy bodies are made from the kitchen”? Well, most of the people who have successfully lost weight attribute it to eating accordingly. Slipping away from your diet to eat junk may derail your progress. Always make sure you eat the right amount of the required foods at the stipulated times.

Rotate Your Foods

Most people attempting to lose weight always start by depriving themselves of certain foods. However, the perfect method would be to change to other healthier and nutrient-dense foods. You may, for instance, choose to fill up on nutrient-rich and fibrous vegetables. Health experts argue that even with unlimited calorie intake consuming foods rich in fiber reduces absorption of calories and helps in weight reduction.

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