Man narrates how a Keke driver returned his phone to him after he misplaced it

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A Man has shared his experience with a Keke driver in Lagos to show that there are still honest people in Nigeria. According to him, he said he misplaced his phone on his way to a shopping mall. Luckily for him, the person who found it was considerate as he got the phone back that same day. Read how it all happened between the guy and the Keke driver below.

”My phone slid out of my pocket on my way to the palms, I didn’t realize it wasn’t with me until hours ago I think.

I tried calling it expecting to hear That famous switched off line but it rang and I heard a deep voice “HELLO” .. in my head i just thought this lagos island boys have pulled a fast one on me today because i was there earlier. I continued the convo with “BROS GOOD AFTERNOON NA MY PHONE BE THIS I DON LOSS AM”. He said he put my sim in his phone so he can receive calls, I puzzled on that for a second he continued by saying that I can come out of the palms in 5mins to meet him.

I stepped out and called my phone like 15times and it was switched off. In my mind I thought “STUPID IDIOT AFTER STEALING MY PHONE YOU’RE FRUSTRATING YOUR FATHER”.

10mins gone, I started making plans on getting another phone then my phone rang. It was Ibrahim the keke guy. He said he was outside that I can come collect my phone.

I was happy and surprised at the same time.He told me my phone and his died,
that he had to charge his phone to put my sim in his. I collected my phone and asked for his account number.

My experience today has thought me that there are still honest Nigerians out here. I may have given up on this country a long time ago. But if there are people like Ibrahim the keke guy then there’s still hope for this great nation.



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