Four (4) Things You Should Never Say In A Job Interview

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    A job interview is enough to leave even the most together person with their palms sweating with one inappropriate comment losing you the position.
    However, according to experts there are just four things you need to avoid when it comes to impressing employers.
    Dale Williams, managing director of recruitment specialist, Yolk, and Sinead Bunting, VP Marketing Europe at Monster have shared the topics best avoided in interviews, and they may surprise you.
    Speaking to Glamour, Williams and Bunting revealed the four subjects that will land you in hot water…
    1. Never List Perfectionism As Your Biggest Weakness
    While it appears to paint you in a positive light, Williams says that this answer is a bit of a cop out.
    Speaking to Glamour he said: ‘Your interviewer has probably heard all the ‘generic’ answers to this question so by snaking around the question or by trying to make a strength a weakness, you aren’t impressing anyone.’
    He recommends being honest and providing a genuine weakness rather than skirt around the issue.
    2. Don’t Bad Mouth Your Current Employer
    Williams says that while it may be tempting try not to complain about your former/ current workplace.
    He adds that if you do let the odd comment slip try and balance it with some positive aspects as not doing so could suggest you have a negative attitude.
    3. Tell Them That You Are Looking Elsewhere
    In one of the more surprising points Williams says that you shouldn’t tell potential employers that you aren’t looking elsewhere.
    He says that they will see you as ‘being either lazy or a liar’ if you have chosen to exclude other companies.
    4. Avoid Discussing Holidays
    While a potential wage is bound to come up during an interview, what you shouldn’t be discussing is a potential holiday allowance.
    Bunting tells Glamour: ‘You are just about to start a new position, and don’t want to seem like someone who can’t wait to shoot off again.’
    Source: Daily Mail UK

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