Collection!!! The Cutest Ways to Wish Her a Good Night and Win Her Heart

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What’s the sweetest way to say goodnight to your girlfriend, what do you think? To wish her sweet dreams? To say her how you love her? Maybe, but one day you may discover that your imagination gives way… but don’t worry, you will always be able to use sweet goodnight ideas from the list below!


Emotions are the fuel that keeps women alive and loving. If your girlfriend’s emotions run dry, beware: she may turn into an Ice Queen for you. To avoid this, always feed her emotions with something romantic and stirring. She will be amazed and excited if you show her your romantic side. Her heart will belong to you.

One of the best ways to keep the romance between the two of you alive is saying her goodnight in a cute and loving way. For a woman, it’s something much bigger than a simple polite wishing of sweet dreams. It’s your intention to be present in her dreams, in every moment of her life.

Check out the following collection of amazing goodnight texts for a girlfriend. Send cute messages to her when she’s going to bed and no matter which distances separate you, she will think of you with love. She will fall asleep smiling and the connection between pleasant emotions and you is all you want now.

  • How I wish I could be there to hold you tight… but I can’t and so I send you a loving “Good Night!”
  • No matter how many nights turn into the bright day. My love for you is here and here it will always stay. Good night, my Love
  • If you are in my dreams, I don’t need anything sweeter. Good night to you, my sweet love
  • I wish I were the night breeze to embrace you while you sleep and watch your peaceful beauty all night long. Good night, my love
  • Another day will come and go while my love for you will always grow. Have a peaceful night, my dearest
  • To my sweetest daydream, to my prettiest noon fantasy, to my loveliest evening thought – good night to you, my love
  • May my sweet lullaby hold you in its arms all night long, my beauty
  • No stars are brighter, and no moon is prettier than my love for you, my princess. Good night
  • I have never had a better dream than the one where I can love you forever. Sweet dreams for you, too, my pretty love
  • Oh how much I would like to be there by your side and watch you smiling to your dreams all night long. Sweet dreams, my Sweetest
  • I would wrap you in my love, I would cover you with my tenderness, and wish you a good night, my dear
  • The Lord has once sent me an angel. It was you. Now, may he send another one to guard your sleep, my lovely
  • It’s night and you are going to bed. May your sleep be peaceful and deep… and may I be in your dreams
  • My heart skips a beat each time when I think of you because I love you to the moon and back. May this love guard your night sleep today, tomorrow, and always, my dearest love
  • If you look at the moon now, I will be looking at it, too. We are apart but we are together now. Go to sleep with a smile, my love
  • Every night when you go to bed, I try to stay up and send you something nice and lovely that you can see in the morning. I love you, dear. Have a good night
  • Sweet dreams, my sweetheart. It was a beautiful day and tomorrow will be even better owing to your love
  • Good night, my love. Tomorrow we will share another beautiful day together
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Isn’t this truly the sweetest way to say goodnight for girlfriend? Won’t her heart melt after such a message! We bet she will fall asleep with a smile on her face, a lot of love in her heart, and dreaming about you the whole night!

  • Did you feel this, right now? The world has stopped moving for a moment when my heart skipped a beat because of my love for you
  • Good night, my darling. I am remembering the day we shared and I am smiling because we have each other and we are happy
  • You know I am not a poet but my heart desires to express all the love it has for you, my beautiful. Good night and thanks for being in my heart every day
  • If only I could be the moon to look down at you tonight and say how I love you. Sweet dreams, my sweetest dream
  • I am almost sleeping now but I still want to say how much I love you, my darling. Sleep well and have the best of dreams
  • You are away and I am here hugging my pillow and thinking of you. I love you so much and wish you the sweetest of all dreams
  • You know, I hate nights. They put us apart and I just can’t find me a place without your smile. Yet, you sleep tight, my love, I will guard your sleep
  • It’s late already and you must be sleeping but if you are not asleep yet, may you have a good night with dreams filled with me. I love you
  • While you are sleeping I will think of the ways to love you more than I already do. If it’s only possible. Good night, my dearest
  • The night winds run through my hair just like your fingers touch me. If only you were here right now, beside me. Yet, I wish you a good night and wait until seeing you again tomorrow
  • Stars are beautiful but I would rather watch your shiny eyes instead of any stars. I love you more than I can say
  • Even though I am not by your side right now, you can be sure: I’m with you in my dreams. Sleep tight, my love
  • Hold tight this phone. This message is a hug in disguise. Have a good night, my princess
  • You are my reason to stay up at night. You are my reason to hug my pillow tight. You are my reason to not go to bed without texting you goodnight
  • I love ending my days with a pleasant thought. Can there be a thought more pleasant than a dream of you? I love you. Have a good night
  • I never have bad dreams. It’s enough to think of you and all the bad thoughts go away. Sweet dreams, my dearest love
  • Stars and flowers, sunsets and all the pretty things in the world could not compare to you. It’s you who makes the world a better and brighter place for me. It’s you who shines brighter than the sun for me. You are my everything. Sleep well, my dear love
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What a cute way to say goodnight to your sweetheart, isn’t it? Here you have a really huge collection of romantic messages to send to your girl and make her think about you. Scientists claim that things said before sleeping are remembered better than anything else. Make her think about you!

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However, don’t overdo! Texting her every night may steal the beauty of the occasional messages that remind her of your deeply romantic soul that cherishes your feelings. Just send her a message every now and again, reminding her that you are here and that you love her to the moon and back… and make sure your feelings are sincere!

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